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The Testicles

Underneath a man's penis lie two oval shaped organs. These are sometimes referred to as the testes. In size they are slightly smaller than a golf ball and they hang between a man's legs.

John Thomas Toys produce highl realistic platinum silicone dildos which look very close to a man's penis and many incorporate realistic looking testicles too.

The testicles are enclosed in a sac of skin which is known as the scrotum. The midline of the scrotum is known as the scrotal rathe and can be quite prominent. Again many of our sex toys have this highly defined upon them.

This can only be achieved by using expensive copper molds which we only ever use. Many of our competitors use cheaper silicone molds but the finished article is far inferior.

The testicles are responsibe for the production of a man's sperm. Sperm is needed to fertilize a woman's egg (or ovum) in order to achieve pregnacy and have a child.

The testicles are also responsible for the production of the male hormone testosterone.

The sperm need to be kept cool and as a consequence the testicles hang down away from the body rather than being located inside it.

It is interesting that of the two male testicles, it is quite common for one of them to extend further down into the scrotum than the other - this is due to the arrangement of blood vessels.

Many John Thomas Toys customers favour a large silicone dong with realistic testicles. Testicles are also in slang referred to as balls.

Because of the manufacturing process; the high quality materials used, the 3D scanning and 3D printing and the copper molds, platinum silicone dildos can look and feel incredibly realistic. Every minute detail can be replicated around the head of the penis, the shaft and the testicles etc.

As the testicles are responsible for the production of sperm they need need to be excrected by the body usually via ejaculation during sex.

If there is a fluid congestion in the testicles men can experience testicular pain. The cause of this can be due to excess sexual arousal without being able to ejaculate.

In slang terms this is known as 'Blue Balls' although the medical profession refer to it as epidymal hypertension.

Having blue balls is a great reason to engage in sex or masturbation. A great aid to these activities are sex toys and adult toys.

For men, silicone dildos can be inserted anally either manually or by a partner (via a harness) or using a compatible sex machine.

Because of how well designed these large silicone dongs are, many are capable of massaging a man's prostate gland and enducing a powerful orgasm leading to ejaculation.

Ejaculation heralds the end of blue balls you will all be pleased to hear.

John Thomas adult toys are not only great for anal penetration they can also be used widely by women for vaginal penetration. Furthermore, if you are involved in anal stretching and experimentation then we have a fabulous range for you to try.

While many of our comprehensive range could be used for anal stretching we now have a small range designed specifically for anal stretching and they are all made of a body safe and hypoallergenic material.

Platinum silicone (medical grade) is 4-7 times more expensive than other materials on the market used for sex toys but it is far superior in every comparison. For that reason we only ever use it.

Aside from being incredibly durable - if cared for properly it can potentially last a lifetime - properties like being able to sterilize it after each use make it highly desirable.

Why not check out our entire range of large silicone dongs and if you like a realistic set of testicles to accompany it then we have just the choice for you.