THE TWISTED HOG Platinum Silicone Butt Plug

Once again John Thomas Toys managed to produce a collective “wow” when the Twisted Hog platinum silicone butt plug was introduced at a recent sex toy exhibition.

A freelance 3D computer designer known in the trade as Masha69 conceptualized this incredible sex toy which incorporates mind blowing facial detail of a pigs head which is sure to have you squealing with delight as you slip him inside your anus.

The Twisted Hog is simply a work of art but he can also please your anus tremendously.

The Twisted Hog was designed in the UK but manufactured with the highest quality medical grade platinum silicone in the USA.

From the initial 3D design of this sex toy, a plastic version was printed with a 3D printer before copper molds were cast and platinum silicone was hand poured.

We only ever use copper molds as cheaper silicone molds cannot transfer the ultra high definition we demand for our products. We also always use a single mold – some competitors use a split mold which among other things leaves an unsightly seam.

The Twisted Hog is a totally body safe material and comes in 4 glorious sizes for you to indulge in plugging your anus.

If you are new to butt plugs and haven't yet experienced the thrill of these sex toys then we always recommend you start off small and go for the 7” version. We offer sizes increment increases up to an extra large variety. Silicone is a heavy sex toy material so please adhere to all the specifications before you order.

The Twisted Hog not only looks great but will feel great too and the lovely flared base gives you something to hold onto and prevent you getting a little to carried away!

As the anus cannot lubricate itself (which the vagina can) please always use plenty of an appropriate personal lubricant. For your convenience John Thomas Toys always provide a free tub of body safe Boy Butter lubricant which is made from coconut oil.

Boy Butter is effective like silicone lubricants but will not degrade your toys and lasts longer than water based varieties. It can be cleaned with water and will not stain your sheets and cause a ‘shame stain’ the next morning!

Before you insert the Twisted Hog you may if you wish either warm up or cool down. Do not submerge in boiling water prior to insertion as you may burn yourself internally. Instead we suggest putting in warm water for 5 minutes and then testing to ensure it is a suitable temperature prior to insertion.

Alternatively you could pop into the fridge or freezer for a short period, but again test it is not too cold before you insert!

Anal Plugs can open up a world of anal sexual sensations you hitherto didn’t know exist. Furthermore, the Twisted Hog is great when used as an anal trainer whereby the user gradually and gently stretches the muscles of his anal cavity in order to facilitate anal penetration with a penis or large silicone dildo, or the incorporation of large silicone anal stretchers.

If you like the look of the cheeky looking Twisted Hog then you will be pleased to know he is shipped direct from the United Kingdom and if you reside here then you will receive free next working day delivery.

For your enjoyment, The Twisted Hog is not only available in 4 different sizes, but he is also available in 2 levels of firmness. We currently offer this adult toy in SuperSoft Medium and Supersoft Firm.

The general consensus is that Supersoft Medium is the favourite level of firmness for our adult toys as it is firm but still has a bit of give in it. N.B we do not produce sex toys with a soft level of firmness as they are not suitable for penetration.

The Twisted Hog comes with a 12 month warranty as standard within which we offer a quibble free returns policy if, in the unlikely event, your sex toy develops a fault. Under these circumstances you can expect us to simply replace your adult toy – terms and conditions apply.

Platinum silicone butt plugs can be large and heavy sex toys and could cause personal injury so please be careful. If you require any further information please get in touch and we will happily assist you.

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