Toucherism – fetish for touching others without consent

Many sexual fetishes which lovers of sex toys or adult toys such as large silicone dongs and huge silicone dildos participate in are really quite harmless. They may be controversial e.g. adults who are aroused by being urinated on. They may also be quite difficult to comprehend for others e.g. those who are aroused when their partner breaks wind on them!

However, a great deal of them are not impinging on a 3rd party and are purely within the remit of two consenting adults. The next sexual fetish which we are looking at today is called Toucherism.

Toucherism is a sexual fetish whereby the individual gains great erotic enjoyment from rubbing an area of their body against another adult without their consent.

You may upon initially hearing this think it would be quite hard for these fetishists to get their kicks. However there are more opportunities for this type of behaviour than you first might imagine.

Some adult toy lovers of huge silicone dongs, like to go to nightclubs which are busy. Within this dark and noisy – often intoxicated – environment, the fetishist is liable to “accidentally on purpose” bump into unsuspecting victims and rub themselves on them.

A classic example is when people are queueing at the bar. This often gives the Toucherism fetishist an excuse for invading another person’s personal space.

Some adult toy lovers who are drawn to this type of non-consenting behaviour are liable to try and touch buttocks, and the genital areas of other people. If the environment is as we described above, then it may well be that the victim does not even register that they have been groped.

Other places that these fetishists may try to arouse themselves may be in a lift with a group of people – particularly if it is quite full of people. Alternatively some lovers of sex toys that are tunred on by this fetish like being in large crowds such as a festival or musical concert.

The Toucherism fetishist may not actually act out their intentions. It may be that they purely fantasise about touching another adult sexually. Indeed they may masturbate with a large silicone dong while imagining they are at the cash machine behind their dream person who is withdrawing cash and they happen to accidentally bump into and fondle their backside.

Some Toucherism fetishists want to be touched by others without first giving their consent. Indeed, they may fantasise about it. Something about the invasion of their personal space and touching of their erogenous zones by a stranger really arouses them – especially if the person doing it is someone they find attractive.

Toucherism and those that are drawn to this fetish look for opportunities to rub up against others that they desire sexually and find it a great turn on. Within this capacity they are enjoying themselves.

However, there is not just them in this equation. While it may be great for the sex toy loving person to cop a feel of their dream woman they are unlikely to be appreciating the bigger picture.

They are sexually touching another person in what in effect is a criminal act punishable by prison.

While desiring another person sexually is natural, acting out this desire in a non consenting manner is totally abhorrent. We have no right as adults to touch others sexually against their will.

What is not being appreciated is the psychological damage we are potentially doing to the person who is groped.

Some victims of unwanted rubbing and touching develop mental health problems and require counselling. Indeed some people are so traumatised they stop going out to social places incase it happens again.

Unwanted touching in any way is not OK. If you are drawn to it sexually then you could role play this with your sexual partner. Failing that you need to speak to a sexual therapist so you can find a more acceptable means to express your sexual needs.

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