Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction – inability to maintain an erection

We are looking at some medical related conditions which are pertinent to adults who have an otherwise active and enjoyable sex life and who are liable to enjoy sex toys such as large silicone dildos or other platinum silicone dongs.

We have previously established how some of the John Thomas Toys range are ideal when connected to a compatible sex harness. If you are wearing a harness and you suffer from either premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction then the sex toy you have attached can be very beneficial to both you and your sex toy loving partner.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, then wearing a platinum silicone dong on a harness means you can sexually penetrate your partner anally or vaginally and begin to please them. When they are at or near orgasm, you can remove your harness and end the penetration with your own penis. It will then not matter if you reach your ejaculation too soon as they will already be satisfied themselves or ideally you will experience a joint orgasm.

For those men that cannot produce an erection or maintain one once they have one, a platinum silicone dong attached to a harness is also helpful.

There needn’t be occasions when your partner is not sexually fulfilled by you. Using a harnessed large silicone dong they can be effectively penetrated by you which means you will feel more content individually as well as collectively within the relationship.

For some adult toy lovers, the use of medications such as Viagra or other creams and medicines, have enabled them to experience an erection and be able to maintain it. For many sex toy loving men, their condition was purely a consequence of too much stress in their lives.

Once the source of stress was addressed and remedied their inability regarding the rigidity of their penis’ was overcome.

However, despite the success stories there are still some adult toy loving men who were not responsive to conventional non invasive options.

Therefore, it may be that they have considered surgical intervention in an attempt to alleviate the condition.

Their doctor has several options as to how they can help the patient. Essentially they may involve altering the veins or arteries around the penis.

Veins carry blood back to the heart where it is topped up with Oxygen following a stop off at the lungs, arteries carry blood from the heart to the body’s organs.

By limiting the flow of blood away from the penis within the veins, more blood is maintained thereby facilitating a more erect penis. Arterial surgery is geared towards increasing the volume of blood which can flow in to the penis thereby allowing it to potentially grow bigger.

The final erectile dysfunction surgery option which some lovers of adult toys or sex toys may consider involve implanting a prosthetic device which artificially causes the penis to grow and harden.

If you enjoy sex toys such as platinum silicone anal stretchers and suffer from erectile dysfunction then it may be worth considering all the treatment options.

While there are inherent risks associated with various treatments there are also significant gains to potentially be made.

The best advice is to surely exhaust all your non-surgical options first as it may well be that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you anatomically and that it is purely a mental condition which will respond well to one on one counselling or talking more openly with your partner.

Do not suffer alone with this condition there are a lot of resources out there for treatment as well as online support groups.

If you would like further information regarding the use of a large silicone dong in conjunction with a harness then please get in touch and we will respond swiftly.

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