UMBUNGO'S FINGER Platinum Silicone Anal Probe

If you love anal play then the new sex toy from John Thomas Toys is liable to hit the spot in more ways than one. Umbungo’s Finger is a brand new offering produced in medical grade platinum silicone.

Designed specifically for anal play Umbungo’s Finger was handcrafted for your delights.

Umbungo’s Finger has been ergonomically designed using cutting edge 3D computer technology and once inserted is sure to find your favourite area.

Designed in the UK, this anal probe sex toy was manufactured in the USA using 3D printer and copper molds. Copper molds are an expensive process to incorporate, however the transfer of ultra high definition to the finished products makes it all worth while. Many of our competitors actually use cheap silicone molds but there is no comparison.

Furthermore, it is common place in cheaper large silicone dong production to use a split mold. Again this is not a practice we employ as you are left with an inferior product with a join – definitely not aesthetically pleasing!

Umbungo’s Finger features a shaft designed to resemble a smooth finger. The finger then leads down to two prominent knuckles akin to a real digit.

Umbungo’s Finger is available in 4 sizes. Small is 7” long, medium is 9” long, large is 12” long and extra large is 16”. If you are not familiar with anal probes or indeed anal play of any description then it is always best to start off small.

The anus unlike the vagina does not self lubricate so personal lubricant is essential with this and any other John Thomas sex toy used anally. You will receive a free 4oz tub of Boy Butter with every purchase.

John Thomas Toys also have a range of Boy Butter lubricants in stock which can be viewed here:

Prior to anal insertion, please empty the bowels and thoroughly clean the area with an anal douche or enema.

Umbungo’s Finger comes with O-Ring and vac-u-lock compatibility. With a vac-u-lock adaptor found on many harnesses and sex machines you can then incorporate your anal probe sex toy. N.B Please ensure your harness or sex machine is compatible prior to ordering.

Before you place your adult toy onto the vac-u-lock adapter it is recommend to apply some Vac-U-Powder or equivalent corn starch into the cavity to facilitate application and subsequent removal.

Umbungo’s Finger is made from the finest medical grade platinum silicone. It is therefore body safe and allergy free (unlike toys made from Latex). Furthermore, it is phthalate free and highly durable. Because the material is non-porous there is no risk of harmful bacteria being absorbed into the large silicone dong.

Umbungo’s Finger can be washed in hot soapy water, placed in the dishwasher or even sterilized in boiling water for ultimate peace of mind. While we do not recommend sharing sex toys due to hygiene reasons, if your toy has been boiled then you can rest assure there is no risk of passing on any infection.

Prior to insertion Umbungo’s Finger can be placed in warm (not boiling) water. Please check the temperature before insertion including that of the vacuum hole.

Alternatively you can chill Umbungo’s Finger in the fridge or freezer. Again check you are happy with the temperature before you insert it as you may have been a little over-zealous!

Although essentially an anal probe sex toy, Umbungo’s Finger could be used effectively to stimulate the vagina and clitoris. The unique shape of the finger lends itself well to massaging the woman’s G-Spot.

For men the finger is great at assisting in ‘milking the prostate’ whereby the walnut shaped prostate gland is stimulated to induce a powerful orgasm.

Please be mindful that many of John Thomas Toys are large and heavy silicone dongs. Please check the specifications before you order as they may not be suitable for your requirements.

If once you have received your goods you are unhappy with them, then provided you have not broken the shrink wrap you may return them to us with 14 days and we will happily refund or exchange. N.B please always contact us first before you send goods back.

John Thomas Toys dispatch goods the same day we receive your order (cut-off times apply) and within the UK offer a free next working day delivery service with Parcelforce.

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