Unbirthing – fetish for being swallowed by the vagina

Weird and wonderful sexual fetishes of the likes we have already covered are in an abundant supply. Today is no exception, so for all of you sex toy lovers, or adult toy lovers of large silicone dongs such as jumbo silicone dildos pay attention we have another strange one for you!

We are looking at another unorthodox sexual fetish which is known as Unbirthing. For those of you not familiar with the terminology, we talking about the sexual desire of an adult to re-enter the vagina. We are not talking about traditional sexual penetration with the penis. On the contrary, we are speaking of the need to be swallowed in your entirety by the vagina of another woman so we can not only be consumed but be able to reside back inside the safety of the womb.

Obviously there is no way that this fetish can ever be anything more than a fantasy held by lovers of sex toys or adult toys such as large silicone dongs.

Some unbirthing fetishists often masturbate to the blown up images of a vaginal close up and use this image in conjunction with their platinum silicone dongs – possibly while they are connected to their sex machines or fucking machines.

Remember some of our sex toys such as large silicone dildos are truly massive silicone dongs that are 16” long and extremely heavy. Not all platinum silicone sex toys will actually work with your machine. Best advice is stick to an adult toy 7” or 9” and ensure your machine can handle the weight. All specifications of sex toys are on our site.

Those that are drawn to Unbirthing are largely focussed on oral sex with their female partner. Through engaging orally with their vaginal region they can imagine that they are actually being re-absorbed inside and drawn back up into what would have been the birthing canal.

Some Unbirthing fetishists require their female sexual partner to help talk them through their fantasy. They may say things such as “enter my vagina and slip back inside me until you reach the haven of my womb again”.

While the person engaging in this fetish finds the whole concept of going inside the vagina highly erotic they are also potentially liable to use sex toys or adult toys during their sexual role play.

Theories understanding the motivations of those attracted to this fetish focus mainly on the individuals need to feel safe and secure. It is liable that they feel isolated, lonely and unhappy. It may be that they had a strong bond with their mother as an infant which they are in some way trying to reproduce.

Alternatively, it may be that they have felt unloved their entire life and fantasise about having a real maternal figure. If the fetishist finds a sensitive female sexual partner then they may act as a vehicle whereby they can finally see themselves as being loved and genuinely cared for.

It seems to this writer, that this fetish albeit erotic in nature, is predominantly an expression of sadness and disconnection which is perhaps being mixed up with adult sexual feelings.

Being able to engage in this fantasy with another person would require a level of trust, intimacy and understanding which may be difficult to find. How you could tell your partner that this is your fantasy may not go down well. However, if this is your fantasy and your partner is willing to go along with it then the whole experience may not only be sexual but also potentially healing to you.

In the absence of an understanding sexual partner then it would probably be beneficial for you to discuss this fantasy with a trained therapist as you may find you are able to face difficulties from your past and grow and move forward in your life as a consequence.

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