Uniform Fetish

Updated: May 15, 2020

There are many adult toy lovers out there who love their large silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos who also love to see their partner dressed up in uniform.

Uniform fetishes vary considerably but generally speaking the uniform represents some kind of official status. A policeman and fireman are considered often as brave and strong and thus they are able to evoke feelings of admiration or even sexual desire.

Indeed, may heterosexual men or lesbian women are liable to enjoy seeing a woman dressed up as nurse a great turn on.

Aside from emergency service uniform fetishes there are others less common which appeal to some adult toy lovers. One such fetish which we heard of was a couple in which the man dressed up as milkman and the scenario was set that he knocks on the door to leave his bill only to catch his female customer otherwise disposed with a platinum silicone dildo in hand! Regardless to say the ‘story’ is that the husband is out and the milkman has come to get more than just his milk money.

Uniform fetishes have enabled a lot of people to explore fantasies which they would otherwise not been able to such as women (or men) wanting to be made love to by a fireman complete with hat, boots and hose!

Some men love for their women to dress up as secretaries and they then role play that they are their boss who wants to seduce them. Alternatively they role play in the opposite way whereby the woman is a high powered business woman who wants to seduce the weak man who cannot resist her approaches!

The uniform fetishes we have just looked at are all good fun and potentially enable a bored couple to put back a bit of needed enjoyment and sexual expression into their sex lives. Using adult toys and sex toys such as platinum silicone dongs is another great way to achieve the same ends.

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