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In this article we are going to look at some of the popular foods which lovers of adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs have used with their partners. When we reference these foods, they are not used themselves as makeshift adult toys! While it is true that people do in fact use e.g. vegetables or fruits to insert into their anus’ or vaginas, in this article we are solely looking at foods which are used to enhance sex and love making when it is orally consumed.

Research has shown that one of the best ways to keep sex with your partner fresh and enjoyable is if you continually mix things up. Indeed, if you are in a long term monogamous relationship (whether you are married or in a civil partnership) it is easy to slip into a predictable pattern of sexual behaviours. The result of this can be a decrease in attraction towards your partner or a loss of interest in sex from either or both partners.

One of the reasons people cite as to what caused the end of their relationship is because their sex lives became dull and stale. Indeed, in a stressful 9-5 world if sex becomes 2 dimensional then it is understandable why there are high rates of infidelity and breakup.

Using adult toys such as large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos with your partner is a great way to keep things fun and fresh. Indeed, if you are able to reproduce some of the magic which you likely experienced in the early days of your relationship then you are going a long way to keeping it sustained and healthy.

Adults regard their sexual health as being very important. This is not something new although perhaps something they now feel able to allude to. Therefore it is in our opinion imperative that sex with your partner retains a sense of newness and excitement.

The best way that John Thomas Toys believe you can retain the enjoyment of sex with your partner is by the introduction of sex toys also known as adult toys. Whilst we appreciate that sex toys such as large silicone dildos or huge silicone dongs may not be every one’s initial cup of tea, time and time again we have heard from couples who have taken the leap of faith and never looked back.

Sex toys are a great way to penetrate the anus or vagina and due to their versatility, there are a number of ways they can be used. These include manually or by a partner, with a sex harness or via a sex machine (fucking machine).

Aside from using a platinum silicone dildo or dong, another way to add that little extra to your bedroom fun is by using foods. In this article we investigate to see what people have been using!

The first food, which is perhaps quite easily anticipated is chocolate. Whether it is the cocoa solids or the sweetness or the rush of endorphins it can provide, it is a firm favourite with many.

Within chocolate is a chemical called phenylethylamine which is also known anecdotally as the love chemical, as you are said to produce it involuntarily when you meet someone and fall in love. Therefore, using chocolate with your partner is liable to be a great addition.

Chocolate has been used with sex by many people for many years. Indeed, 25 years ago it became very popular to use chocolate body paint. The concept was that you could purchase a small pot of runny chocolate which could then be strategically applied to your partners body.

If you or your partner enjoy receiving oral sex, but do not particularly enjoy giving it, then the application of chocolate to your partner’s genitals is liable to be a great way to make it a more fun exploit for both parties. Furthermore, chocolate body paint can be applied to the breasts, thighs and even toes. Indeed, no where really is off limits, although good personal hygiene is imperative.

What better way to entice your partner than to introduce a large silicone dildo in to the bedroom and then cover the shaft of it with chocolate body paint. You are then able to slowly devour it in front of them. By the time the platinum silicone dildo is clean they will be longing for your to penetrate them with it.

As an alternative to chocolate body paint, you may carefully melt down your own preferred make of chocolate. The best way is to put the chocolate in a glass bowl and then place this bowl inside another pan full of hot water.

Before you apply the melted chocolate to either your platinum silicone dong sex toy or more importantly your own or your partner’s body check the temperature has cooled sufficiently. Otherwise you will be finished before you even begin.

A final way you could use chocolate in conjunction with your lovemaking and adult toys, is by consuming an amount of melted chocolate before you kiss your partner. The sweetness and the texture of the chocolate has the potential to make your experiences more erotic if you are able to keep the chocolate temporarily within your mouth.

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