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Yesterday we looked at one of the firm favourite foods which has traditionally been used by lovers of sex toys such as huge silicone dongs or large silicone dongs. Chocolate has been a great place to start because unless you are diabetic, most people love a chunk of chocolate. Indeed, the addition of a strategically placed piece of melted chocolate upon the anatomy of your partner can be a great aphrodisiac.

The next food we are going to look at is strawberries. While most people do love chocolate, there are some downsides to it, it is very calorific so if you are on a diet it’s a no-go. Furthermore it can be incredibly sticky and leave a right mess on the bedding. Strawberries could easily be used in conjunction with chocolate or as we suggest, they are best used on their own.

To all you adult toy lovers, strawberries can really be a fun food to introduce with your partner when you are enjoying your sexual play together. The beauty of strawberries is they are light and juicy. If you eat them during sex or share them with your partner you are not liable to feel full or bloated. Furthermore, they are great when served chilled and have the potential to be matched with other ‘sexy’ foods which we will mention now but talk in a little more detail about later. Strawberries go great with wines or champagne or indeed how could we neglect their suitability with fresh cream.

Using strawberries during your sexual play is another great fun expression. They can easily be sliced and placed upon your body (or your partners) and they are quite a simple food. Provided you have washed them and removed the stalk before brining them in the bedroom, they can easily be popped in your mouth and consumed in a single bite.

Another potential use of strawberries, is that like sex toys such as platinum silicone dildos, they can be positioned in to orifices of the body (please note: you do so at your own risk and in no way do we endorse this!).

Furthermore, strawberries taste great and what a better way to have foreplay with your partner than to feed one another with them prior to things getting even steamier!

The next food we are looking at is the trusty banana! We mentioned in a previous article that many people have used them as a sex toy. Generally, they have been used to penetrate the anus or vagina. We do not recommend this, mainly because within their skin they may be carrying dirt and bacteria which you are not liable to want to introduce into your body. Furthermore, assuming you managed to clean the aforementioned banana 100%, their skin is liable to be rough and abrasive in places and may cause you a mild injury. It would be far better to use an adult toy such as a large silicone dildo or huge silicone dong of the like handcrafted by John Thomas Toys. These sex toys are body safe and hypoallergenic and may be placed in boiling water to sterilize before and after use.

If you do intend to insert a banana within you it is preferable that you remove it from it’s skin. This will subsequently make it smoother and less likely to cut you in a delicate area. However, it is important to remember that the riper the banana is, the more likely it is to break in half. It would not be ideal if while using a banana as a sex toy, it broke in two inside you. This may lead to an uncomfortable experience or an embarrassing visit to your GP!

A better use of a banana is to tease your male partner. By simulating oral sex upon the banana as if it were their penis it is liable to drive them wild. Furthermore, with a peeled banana you could gently tease the erogenous zones of your partner – that is provided they do not have any allergy or phobia of bananas!

If you want to use banana in another way during sex with your partner, then like strawberries they could be chopped and strategically placed over your own, or your partner’s body.

Not only do they taste good and are great for your health, they also act as an energy source if you and your partner plan to have a long session and they are even said to be able to reduce the leg cramp you may experience during intercourse.

If all else fails a post-coitus banana will give you a little pep so you do not fall asleep!

We mentioned oysters when we were talking about aphrodisiacs so we will not labour upon them to long in this article. Needless to say the ritual of opening them, seasoning them and slurping them down all the while maintaining eye contact with your partner can be highly erotic in itself, let alone the assumed properties of the oyster which is said to be able to increase one’s libido.

We have heard that some adventurous sex toys lovers have been known to place an oyster upon their navel for their partner to eat before they make love. Each to your own is what we say!

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