Using food with sex (3)

So far in this fun look at foods used in sex, we have covered fresh strawberries and also chocolate. We then briefly looked at bananas and lastly yesterday, the old favourite – oysters!

Today we intend to continue the theme and delve into other favourites which adult toy lovers have told us they enjoy using in conjunction with their massive silicone dildos or large silicone dongs. The next up food is a great companion to strawberries and is cream!

While there are a few variations of cream on the market, for the purpose of this article we are talking about double cream! For your information though other varieties include clotted cream, whipping cream and single cream.

Double cream is produced from milking cows. The extracted milk is spun very quickly to separate out all the components. The process of separation is known as centrifugation. During this operation, milk and cream form distinct layers which can be removed.

Most people agree that cream taste’s delicious and it is a good thing. E.g. the cat that got the cream!

Cream is a very rich and sensual foodstuff and it coats your mouth as you consume it. Furthermore, cream can be highly erotic in the bedroom, with or without the use of your adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs.

The downside of cream is that it is highly calorific so if you do intend to use it would be best if outside of the bedroom you kept it’s consumption down to a minimum. One of the main reasons is because cream contains a lot of fat which has been linked to cholesterol and health problems such as stroke and heart disease. Used occasionally then there is no reason why it cannot be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Cream can be applied to nipples or erogenous zones such as the navel, the penis or the vagina. Cream strategically placed can make sex very exciting not just physically but also it can enliven the senses. Similar to the use of chocolate, cream could be used to coat a platinum silicone dong sex toy and then you could watch your partner lick it off in front of you.

Kissing your partner when they have a spoonful of cream in their mouth is also liable to be very arousing sexually and sensually.

The main disadvantage of using cream with your sex toys or in the bedroom in general is that it really needs to be kept refridgerated if it is not being immediately consumed. Therefore if you intend to put it on your huge silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo then it needs to be licked off swiftly. Furthermore, the same applies if you have put it on your body or that of your partners. After a short period of time it is liable to lose its freshness and become unpalatable and even not smell terribly ‘romantic’!

Double cream is made in the UK and also parts of Europe and many of our John Thomas Toys adult toy lovers have told us in our market research that they like to use it in conjunction with their platinum silicone dildos!

Finally, if frozen double cream can also make delicious lollies. Through incorporating a cold ice lolly with oral sex you can give your partner wild sensations of heat and cold especially erotic if they are not expecting them! Plus after sex you have something cold to calm you down when you have worked up a sweat. Just don’t eat too many as they are very fattening!

The next food we are briefly delving into is melons!

Heterosexual men have loved the look and feel of melons for obvious breast related reasons for eternity! Sharing melon however, with your loved one while in the bedroom is another great opportunity for a sexy ritual whereby you feed one another small portions of fresh fruit. Melon is another example of a food which tastes great and yet is really light so will not bloat you. Some couples like to exchange small mouthfuls of melon during sex or while the other is teasing them with a sex toy such as a large silicone dong.

The next time you are in Tesco’s you will never look at certain foods the same way again as you consider how they could be used (or mis-used!).

In the oncoming days we shall continue this little whistle stop tour looking at foods used in sex and we trust that you are finding some of it educational! Or at the least it is giving you a few ideas on what you can implement once you get your partner home and your favourite adult toy out of it’s hiding place!

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