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Today we continue the subject of foods used with food which our adult toy lovers either enjoy or have expressed a passing interest in. The next up food is a little controversial and definitely not for everyone. Again, we do not endorse this or any other food related items used in sex and use of them is at your own risk.

The next item is the egg. Yes that’s right the egg! While some people have been known to boil them and then insert them as makeshift adult toys in to the anus or vagina, in this reference today we are actually talking about raw eggs believe it or not!

Very occasionally, we have heard where a couple with a food fetish have used raw eggs during their lovemaking. One partner cracks the raw egg into their mouth then during foreplay or penetration the egg is passed to the other’s open mouth. The idea of this ritual is to neither swallow the egg nor to allow the yolk to break. In-case you haven't had the pleasure of ingesting a raw egg it is not terribly palatable. Not a million miles away from an oyster, a raw egg is slippery and unpredictable in the mouth and often liable to initiate your gag reflex! With this in mind it is understandable why this practice is not very common.

One of the main concerns with using raw eggs is that they carry a very small risk of contracting salmonella. Salmonella poisoning has the potential to produce food poisoning within the human body which can result in sickness and diarrhoea. Most adults who are fit and healthy and have a strong immune system would probably be fine if the food poisoning happened albeit rather inconvenient. However if you have health problems or are elderly it could be quite dangerous!

Far better to have a few boiled eggs for extra stamina before you engage in either self masturbation with your platinum silicone dong, or a round of sex play with your partner with or without your favourite adult toy.

Moving on in our topic of food used for sex, we are looking at ice cream. Ice cream has many applications similar to chocolate or cream. Predominantly, ice cream usually composes of either a lot or at least a little cream itself and is also liable to contain a form of chocolate too.

The use of a whipped ice cream within an ice cream cone also has the potential to be very arousing if you are watching your partner lick it, particularly if used in conjunction with them teasing you with a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

Ice cream is sweet, creamy and delicious but it melts quickly and can get sticky and leave a mess. If this one floats your boat then go for it just don't forget your flake! If your partner is offering to make you an ice cream after the exertions of sex then remember to deliberately ask for a 69 rather than a 99 though!

For those of you that enjoy the finer things in life, then you may be drawn to the next foodstuff which has been used by sex toy lovers in the bedroom. The next item is cheese! Although many of us may raise an eyebrow if our partner bought a hunk of cheddar into the bedroom, many couples have stated that it can be very stimulating.

One such way that cheese can be enjoyed is by blindfolding your partner and feeding them different varieties. This practice does hinge somewhat, on your partner liking cheese though! Assuming they do, then with the eyes covered offering lots of different varieties may serve as a fun foreplay behaviour before you introduce your sex toys such as a large silicone dong attached to a harness. The aforementioned adult toy could enable your female partner to anally penetrate your male partner. This practice is known as pegging and is great for empowering your other half. Of course, this is not for every heterosexual couple and may take your male right out of his comfort zone!

The last foodstuff we are going to look at today is one we mentioned a few days ago – champagne.

This tasty white sparkling wine actually takes its name from the French region (Champagne) within which it is made.

Champagne is a great ice breaker if drank before sex or foreplay. Alternatively, it can be used during either exploits. Some adult toy lovers enjoy pouring it over their breasts or genitals to encourage their partner to lick it all up.

John Thomas Toys are all vac-u-lock compatible and as a consequence they all come with a vacuum hole. This hole or cavity exists inside the medical grade platinum silicone dildos and dongs. Some customers like to indulge in champagne while using their sex toys. This is achieved by filling up the hole in their huge silicone dongs with champagne before passing it to their partner to consume.

Being platinum silicone, afterwards the jumbo silicone dong can be fully sterilized in boiling water and left to dry. It can then be stored in a plastic container with a lid until it’s next outing!

Champagne is all about indulgence and it tells your partner that they are ‘worth it’ and you have got nothing but the best for them! Furthermore, it goes great with strawberries. Just don't drink too much or you may struggle (men) to get it up and please your partner!

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