Using food with sex (5)

Yesterday we looked at champagne, eggs and ice cream as we continue our look at foodstuffs which have been accommodated into the sex games people play sometimes in conjunction with their platinum silicone dongs or dildos.

Today we continue that theme further! The next item is one which is often depicted on TV and Hollywood films. It is the humble cherry.

One of the reasons cherries are deemed sexy is because watching your partner lick and caress them is very phallic. Dependent on your sexual persuasion you may see your partners flirtations as indicative of them either licking on your nipples or your clitoris or glans.

Cherries are a fruit and are known as a fleshy drupe. This actually sounds like what happens to a man when he has gotten rather excited but perhaps we will leave that observation there!

One sexy application of the cherry, can be when you and your partner both try to tie the stem of the cherry using just your tongue. If one of you is particularly proficient at doing so, then it would be a good time to introduce your platinum silicone sex toy and begin teasing them with it at the same time to see if that doesn’t put them off!

Provided cherries are pitted then they can be a fun addition the bedroom especially when used with sex toys. However, if the hard fibrous part of the pit is not removed then it is not terribly romantic or attractive to have to spit that bit out in front of your partner or watch them do so!

Eating the pit is not advised as they are known to contain a small amount of a poisonous chemical called cyanide. While the pit from one cherry is unlikely to finish you off like a cornered spy trying to off themselves! it is not recommend to eat them.

The next food which raised a few eyebrows in the office is bacon! Not top of our list when we are thinking about sexy foods but it goes to show what we know! If fried, bacon smells delicious (apologies all vegetarians) and once crisp tastes divine, especially if you are particularly hungry. Generally speaking, bacon adorns many dishes at mealtime and has the uncanny knack of making them even more tasty. However, this greasy and usually fatty meat is not the usual type of thing one would think of in the bedroom.

That being said though, if you and your parter are bacon lovers then there is no reason why (in a similar fashion to cheese) that you could not blindfold your partner and feed them tasty friend morsels prior to teasing them with a large silicone dildo or huge silicone dong. Remember if you are using any sex toys such as platinum silicone dildos for anal penetration then you must apply lashings of lubricant. This is because as we have touched on before, the anus cannot produce a natural lubricant when the individual is sexually aroused. The vagina on the other hand can self lubricate when for example your partner offers you penetration with your favoured large silicone dildo.

There is something very caveman or primal about consuming meat and some couples have genuinely told us that they incorporate it into their bedroom play. The thing about bacon is it is so delicious it even has the capacity to tempt a vegetarian back to the dark side!

The final food we are looking at in this fun series of articles are fruit gum candies. Often designed into little teddy bears or other simple little shapes they are a great tasty inclusion.

We at John Thomas Toy love the notion of our sex toys being used with your partner and the two of you having a great time and also having a bit of fun where you can put down your woes and just indulge in some quality platinum silicone adult toy pleasure.

What better way to create a fun atmosphere than by bringing some fruit gum candies into the equation! They are small and sweet and tasty and great to suck and chew. They can even be swapped between mouths as you kiss and furthermore, they leave the mouth tasting delicious to your partner!

If you get into these cute little sweeties, you may like to place them all over your body and allow your partner to nibble them off. Or if you lick them they soon become a little sticky (yes that’s all the sugar) and then you could stick them to your own or your partner’s body.

They are calorific so don’t eat too many but they are just good fun. Sex is meant to be enjoyable and unless you are engaged in serious BDSM practices then why not have a giggle with your partner and bring out some sweets the next time you also get out your large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

That concludes are list of foods used in sex – there are an abundance of others that have been tried including Marmite and peanut butter but we just wanted to bring you the most popular. Enjoy your sex and remember your John Thomas platinum silicone sex toys

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