vac-u-lock Corset Harness with Plug

Updated: May 14, 2020

At John Thomas Toys we endeavour to provide excellent products from other manufacturers that can be used in conjunction with our platinum silicone dongs or large silicone dildos. We aim to make your shopping experience a simple and straightforward one whereby you are not only able to get the sex toy you desire but also have the opportunity to stock up on any extra accessories which might come in handy.

Sexual lubricant is a must when using sex toys or adult toys so if you don’t have any at home remember to add some to your basket. It is particularly necessary if you are using sex toys for anal play and anal penetration.

Vac-u-lock powder is extremely helpful if you intend to utilize the vacuum hole which is found in most John Thomas platinum silicone dongs. With the dry lubricant effects of the powder you can then apply and remove your vac-u-lock plug from the sex toys cavity at will.

As we have mentioned previously, sex toy customers use their adult toys either hand held, attached to a sex machine or fucking machine or attached to a harness. We have covered a few excellent choices for harnesses already, however today we are looking at another offering.

The Doc Johnson Corset Harness with plug is part of their platinum edition. Once again this sex toy accessory is a really stylish and fun affair and you know that it is of a high quality. Doc Johnson as a company have been part of the adult toy industry for over 40 years so needless to say they know a thing or two about what they are doing!

This black corset harness is extremely comfortable to wear as it once again features cushioned neoprene. This material is not only nice to wear but also provides excellent support. As with other Doc Johnson harnesses, this one is widely adjustable to accommodate the different shapes and sizes we all come in. This one is adjustable up to a 69” waist which is really convenient.

The Corset Harness comes with a black vac-u-lock plug. For those of you that are not familiar with the vac-u-lock system and the plug in general – it is essentially a really effective way to securely hold your compatible sex toy of choice. A lot of sex machines and fucking machines utilize this system as it offers a safe and dependable means to attach your toy and hold it in place by using a vacuum effect which compliments its intelligently patented design.

The corset harness fits around the waist and the vac-u-lock plug is attached to the front. If you wish to attach your sex toys or adult toys in a different manner then you could also use the O-Ring’s which come free with this purchase. Included O-Rings are of three different sizes so most suitable adult toys will be able to fit. Incidentally, as well as being vac-u-lock compatible, the vast majority of John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dongs are also O-Ring compatible. This is another reason why investing in one of our sex toys is such a shrewd thing to do.

The corset harness looks incredibly sexual and erotic in its design. The corset fastenings sit just above the wearers buttocks and make for a great aesthetic which is sure to arouse your sexual partner.

The corset harness is an effective and eye catching accessory which we at John Thomas Toys sell quite a lot of units of on a regular basis. From the feedback we receive, many customers like to wear it in conjunction with other bondage clothing in order to create a wholly erotic treat for their other half.

If you are interested in using a harness or sex machine with your large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo then be mindful that although they will fit on it doesn't necessarily mean they are going to be usable! Simply this is often because the weight of the toy means either the sex machine cannot move and penetrate correctly, or the harness wearer finds the sex toy too cumbersome.

We suggest that if you have any queries, comments or concerns regarding the suitability of your proposed sex toy with either a machine or harness, that you contact us in the first instance for assistance. The specifications for each of our platinum silicone dongs are found on the products page for your convenience.

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