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Updated: May 15, 2020

We are continuing our look at some of the fabulous accessories which John Thomas Toys offer in conjunction with their platinum silicone dongs and other sex toys like platinum silicone anal stretchers!

All John Thomas Toys platinum silicone adult toys come complete with a vac-u-lock large suction cup which is really handy if you wish to use your sex toy hands free by mounting it to a suitable surface such as the shower wall!

In addition, our sex toys come with a free faux velvet storage bag with our emblem proudly emblazoned upon it.

What we suggest, is that after use you wash your sex toy in hot soapy water, place in boiling water or even in the dishwasher, you then leave it to dry and pop it in your storage bag- it keeps it away from dirt, dust and hairs which are attracted to our medical grade platinum silicone! The velvet bag also helps to keep it out of sight from prying eyes!

One of the most popular ways in which customers utilize their platinum silicone dongs is by attaching them to harnesses. Once their sex toy of choice is harnessed they can then proceed to penetrate their partner anally or vaginally (or both – see the Double Bubble platinum silicone dildo!).

If you don't want to harness your sex toy by making use of the vacuum hole, then you could place it on the end of your favourite sex machine or fucking machine. The machine just needs to be vac-u-lock compatible and preferably of a reasonably high spec. We say this because some platinum silicone dildos are very big and heavy and we wouldn't want you to be disappointed if after purchase it turns out to be unsuitable for the way in which you had intended to use it.

Platinum silicone dongs are great when used with the free large suction cup plug which we mentioned you will receive, but some people like to find other ways they can use their sex toy either alone or with their partner.

The Knuckle Up is another quality sex toy accessory from Doc Johnson. John Thomas Toys love to provide the quality which Doc Johnson products encompass and we are proud to offer them in conjunction with our platinum silicone dongs and large silicone dildos.

The Knuckle Up itself looks like (if you are familiar with such things) a knuckle duster with a vac-u-lock plug attached. Basically this accessory is best used with a partner to enable a better means of penetration anally or vaginally with your adult toy.

As usual with vac-u-lock products like this, there is a vac-u-lock plug incorporated into the design which is pushed inside the cavity of the sex toy you intend to use. It is highly recommended that you also use vac-u-powder. This corn starch derivative acts as a dry lubricant. If you sprinkle some inside the cavity and possibly some onto the plug itself then you will find it nice and easy to push inside your sex toy and achieve a strong fit.

At the end of your session, removal of the accessory from the sex toy is also greatly facilitated. For this reason we always recommend that you purchase some powder to use with your sex toy if you do not already have some tucked away with all your toys!

Basically to use the Knuckle Up placed the powdered protruding vac-u-lock plug (which protrudes from the finger holes) inside the powdered cavity. Once the vacuum does it’s job the plug is firmly held and you can begin your fun.

As usual there are going to be some limitations to expect when using the Knuckle Up, namely that the biggest and heaviest platinum silicone dildos or massive silicone dongs are liable to be difficult to hold in one hand whilst achieving a sufficient penetration method upon your partner’s orifice of choice.

Assuming you have chosen a good platinum silicone dong to attach to the Knuckle Up and you have powdered the cavity, you just need lashings of lube on your sex toy. Then, you place your fingers inside the holes and clench your fist around it.

This now means that you have got a far better grip and hold of your platinum silicone dong or large silicone dildo. With a better hold you are more likely to achieve the depth and speed of penetration which your partner desires and will be highly likely to please them – until it is your turn to be on the receiving end!

Essentially this product is quite a simple design but as we often say the simplest things are often the best. Enjoy.

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