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Updated: May 15, 2020

Lovers of sex toys and adult toys often like to use their large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos handheld alone as they masturbate. Some people choose to watch some suitable adult porn at the same time as it enables them to get sufficiently aroused to reach orgasm.

Although sex toys are predominantly used handheld, the best kind also have additional versatility. John Thomas Toys currently have a range of over 51 different platinum silicone dildos. Within this range the vast majority have a vacuum hole. This hole is basically a cavity which facilitates the toy being used in different ways.

One such way in which a platinum silicone dong from John Thomas could additionally be used is in conjunction with a harness. A harness is worn by a person and it features a means to attach the sex toy or adult toy to it. With the toy attached, the wearer can then proceed to sexually penetrate their partner. This can be achieved either anally or vaginally.

In the case of two women partners, one is likely to want to wear a ‘strap on’ dildo attached to a harness to penetrate the other. Alternatively, some women like to wear these appendages in order to anally penetrate their male partners, boyfriends or husbands.

If a man struggles in achieving an erection, then he may wear a platinum silicone dong attached to a harness too. This way he is able to sexually satisfy his partner and not feel inadequate etc. On some occasions and for a variety of reasons a man may wish to wear a large silicone dong and penetrate with this rather than his own penis. It may be that he suffers from a condition whereby he reaches orgasm too quickly. If a man cums to fast then he is likely to leave his partner frustrated and disappointed and this could put pressure on their relationship.

If the man under these circumstances, is wearing a strap on then he can penetrate his partner until they are happy (have reached their orgasm or otherwise sexually satisfied) and then he can withdraw the appendage and resume normal penile penetration with no stress or anxiety that he will climax to fast.

Incidentally, for those of you sex toy loving men who do suffer from premature climax, there are a range of medications available which are liable to help you. Therefore it is always worth visiting your local GP. Training yourself while using a sex toy or adult toy such as a Fleshlight may be another way in which you can learn to identify when you are close to orgasm so that you can slow down or stop.

The last reason why men may wear a strapped on platinum silicone dong is because their partner wants to experience either a larger or wider penis penetrating them or because their partner perhaps has a fantasy about being penetrated by an animal or a fantasy creature like an alien.

John Thomas Toys have a great selection of sex toys and some of them are inspired by horses e.g. Comanche Horse (platinum silicone dildo) or Good Boy (platinum silicone anal probe). These two are based on a horse and a dogs tail respectively.

So far we have covered the fact that many of our sex toys like platinum silicone dongs are used either handheld or attached to a compatible harness. An alternative means in which they are enjoyed is when they are connected to a sex machine. Sex machines are also referred to as fucking machines and come under the umbrella term of sex toys or adult toys.

Sex machines can be readily available for less than a hundred pounds, increasing in price up to thousands. If you intend to use a platinum silicone dong connected to a sex machine then first of all your sex toy needs to be compatible (which John Thomas Toys virtually all are). Secondly, the sex machine in question also needs to utilize the vacuum dildo attachment method. This is known as vac-u-lock and is patented by Doc Johnson.

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