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Updated: May 15, 2020

John Thomas Toys do not produce vac-u-lock goods however they are vac-u-lock compatible.

For mechanical sex with one of our toys, the sex machine in question needs to have a vac-u-lock adapter. The vac-u-lock adapter is found on the end of the thrusting rod which comes out of the machine you want to use.

If you want to try mechanical sex with a machine and intend to attach a platinum silicone dong to the end ensure it has that compatibility.

Having established that your machine is compatible and your toy is too, then you are pretty much good to go. However, it is imperative that you are realistic about the sex toys which you intend to attach. Platinum silicone of the medical grade which John Thomas Toys use is quite heavy. As you can imagine a 16” platinum silicone dildo is going to be big but also quite weighty.

Therefore it is unrealistic to expect that it will fit onto the end of thin metal bar to connect to your sex machine. If you put a sex toy on the end of a machine which is unsuitable, then it is unlikely that the machine will even turn on. If it does turn on, then it is reasonable to suggest that you will be doing the motor on the machine no favours. Indeed, it is highly likely that you are invalidating the machines warranty and permanently putting it out of action.

Therefore, it is imperative that you do you research. Which machine are you wanting to use and which sex toy do you want attached. They may or may not be a good match which could otherwise leave you out of pocket and sexually frustrated. John Thomas Toys have over 15 years experience in the adult toy industry so please get in touch and we are likely to be able to help you make the right decision.

Assuming that you have selected the right size toy (not too heavy) and a sex machine which can carry the load and thrust appropriately with it attached, then you can prepare yourself for some mind-blowing penetration.

There is however a couple of things which need to be attended to before you can let loose and enjoy.

Firstly, lubricant is imperative. The anus cannot produce any natural bodily lubricant in the manner in which the vagina can so that is essential for all anal play. We recommend it for vaginal penetration too, because the vagina can become dry for a variety of reasons and if there is not sufficient lubrication the experience is likely to be less enjoyable.

John Thomas Toys offer a vast range of lubricants and if you wish to discuss your own requirements again, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will endeavour to partake some of our acquired knowledge.

We have mention the machine, the toy, the lubricant and established that platinum silicone dongs can be attached to harnesses and to sex machines. The final thing we need to mention and the title of this article relates to vac-u-powder. Vac-u-powder is an easily overlooked ingredient in an otherwise well planned sex session with your large silicone dong or other platinum silicone dildo.

Using a platinum silicone dong with a harness or sex machine usually means utilising the aforementioned vacuum hole. This cavity allows the vac-u-lock adaptor to be pushed inside to hold the toy in place. However, for those of you that haven't tried this yet, pushing the adaptor inside the sex toy is not necessarily the easiest thing to achieve. It may well be that you have gotten the adapter inside and are thinking what's the big deal. The next problem you are liable to experience is how to get the adaptor out of the cavity when you want to clean your toys and pack up for the night.

Here comes the final advisory pre-requisite when using your platinum silicone dong in a manner other than handheld. The use of Vac-u-powder makes the insertion and removal of the vac-u-lock adaptor from it’s cavity simple and easy.

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