Vajazzle – Female genital decoration

We return this week still looking at topics related to sex which lovers of adult toys or sex toys such as platinum silicone dongs or massive silicone dildos may find interesting or amusing.

We have seen how women have changed their grooming habits and as a consequence are liable to not just remove bodily hair from legs and the underarm area. Indeed, many women prefer to remove all pubic hair from their anus as well as their full vaginal area.

It is believed that adult pornographic stars have in some respect been to blame for more and more women feeling uncomfortable about the way their vaginas look. If women have been seen porn stars with hairless vaginas which have no unsightly flaps of external skin they may feel pressured to replicate themselves.

As a consequence they may feel unable to be intimate with their current sexual partner or may insist that all their intimacy happens with the lights off! Alternatively they may shy away from sex with a partner altogether and stick to the use of a platinum silicone dong either handheld or in conjunction with a sex machine or fucking machine.

Women are liable to undergo a cosmetic procedure which we previously discussed whereby the external flaps of skin surrounding the vaginal area (know as the vulva) are trimmed. The procedure is called a labiaplasty and results may be a cleaner tidier looking vagina which some jokingly refer to as a designer vagina.

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your vagina but do not want to go through surgery then there is always the option of having a vajazzle. For those of you that are not familiar with this term it refers to when the genital area is adorned or decorated with small gem stones or equivalent crystals.

In order to have your vaginal area Vajazzled then most women will firstly have the area thoroughly waxed such as via a Brazilian Wax. Once the area is hair free and clean, small crystals may be applied by a beautician. Some women have expensive Swarovski crystals attached to the area with a body safe glue.

The adornments to the vaginal area are arranged in such a way as to endeavour to further enhance the way it looks thereby enabling the sex toy loving woman to feel more attractive and sexy. Having a pattern of crystals makes some women feel great and their partners are also liable to find it fun and erotic.

While for some adult toy lovers, having Swarovski crystals hand glued to their intimate areas is too costly and time consuming, there are many cheaper alternatives available too of which you can apply yourselves within the comfort of your own home.

Sex toy lovers first heard about the idea of Vajazzling when a Hollywood actress endorsed it around 10 years ago. Within the UK, the popular television show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ also helped to bring it into the mainstream consciousness and as a consequence there are now many women opting for the experience.

While most sex toy loving women who have Vajazzles are pleased with the results it could potentially put you at risk of infection if your area of application is not clean and the person applying them is not adhering to good hygiene standards.

A good Vejazzle should last 3-5 days. However, if you are wearing clothes which are too tight fitting then as a consequence when they rub it could mean the decorative stones fall off more quickly.

A Vejazzle at a salon could be quite an expensive outing but shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Once you have the design applied it is not recommended that the area is shaved or waxed and that you do not scrub the area during bathing.

If you secretly have your vagina Vejazzled it is likely to excite your partner and they are definitely going to want to play with your adult toys or sex toys with you, so make sure you have plenty of stamina.

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