Vomit Fetish

We are looking at really strange sexual fetishes which some adult toy lovers may be interested to read about. Whether you like a massive silicone dildo or a small platinum silicone dildo you might find something which catches your attention even if it just causes your own gag reflex.

Today we are now looking at something called Emetophilia. This sexual fetish is really quite bizarre and goes completely contrary to what one would surely ever think of as sexual or arousing.

Emetophiliacs are sexually aroused when they are being sick or when they watch another person vomit.

There are sexual fetishes involving bodily excretions such as urine and faeces (which we choose not to discuss) and vomit fetish is in that same category.

Most people find vomit disgusting and inhibitive of sexual arousal. However there are those that think differently.

Generally speaking we vomit when we are ill due to a virus. It may be that we have food poisoning from something such as salmonella as a result of uncooked or unhygienically prepared poultry or sea food.

A person with a vomit fetish would be likely to find it very arousing if they were to witness another adult being sick.

Another way in which vomiting could be induced is via placing something down the back of your throat. Some vomit enthusiasts place their fingers or an object to set off their gag response.

A typical way in which this fetish is expressed is when a man has deep oral sex with their partner. Therefore their penis is taken down a long way into their partner’s mouth. As a consequence of the penis hitting the back of the throat the gag reflex is often triggered. Potentially both parties are liable to find this erotic although it is more likely to be the man who is receiving the oral sex that enjoys it more.

Those that practice BDSM role playing may place their penis, hand or foot (or other object) into their submissive partners mouth specifically to induce their vomiting response. This is carried out essentially to demonstrate their dominance over their partner. In addition it enables the dominant partner to degrade, control and humiliate them which as a sadist they are liable to revel in.

Some practitioners of this sexual fetish may vomit completely over their willing sexual partner. They then may use sex toys or adult toys for anal or vaginal play and stimulation. Alternatively once they have vomited on their partner they may engage in penetrative sex.

Some lovers of platinum silicone dongs may fantasise about being sick on potential sexually attractive partners. The notion of being sick on another person (equivalent to a ‘Golden Shower’ when with urine) is called a Roman Shower.

Some fetishists are liable to fantasise not on vomiting on another person but rather on them vomiting on them.

The problem with vomit is that often the smell and sight of it is sufficient to make you vomit in return. Therefore one partner vomits and then the other follows suit. Presumably if you both enjoy it then there wouldn’t be a problem!

One theory of why vomiting is sexually arousing is because it is quite a forceful bodily action. Indeed, the power and intensity of someone emptying the contents of their full stomach can be quite overpowering. Within a bout of vomiting there could be an awful lot of liquid and lumps of food which could come up and if they were hitting your body it would presumably be quite a sensation.

Self induced vomiting is never recommended. One of the main reasons is that you are bringing up lots of acid from your stomach used to digest food. As a consequence of regularly having vomit in your mouth you may lose all of your teeth over time!

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