Wax Play

This next fetish which sex toy lovers of platinum silicone dongs may be curious about is known as wax play. Indeed, if you are into large silicone dildos or huge silicone dongs read on.

Wax play is the incorporation of wax into your sexual playtime.

Previously we have identified the sexual practice known as cock and ball torture.

Within this a man’s penis is often stretched, pierced and otherwise abused by their partner. Another means which the man’s member has suffered punishment is with melting wax! While this form of penile punishment is not necessarily something everyone can comprehend or wish to participate there are certainly those that do.

Wax play is not uncommon among adults who enjoy sex toys otherwise known as adult toys.

The basic premise here is using a candle create a lot of wax by allowing the flame to burn for a few hours. Then voila, you have a lot of hot runny wax. The beauty of candle wax is that although it is fluid and of a high temperature once it is applied to the human body the heat dissipates swiftly and the wax sets rock hard.

Wax play is a popular means of introducing pain into your sexual games. While many find it hard to see why you would want to mix pain with sex that is exactly what a lot of BDSM people enjoy doing.

If you are a masochist then you gain sexual pleasure from receiving physical pain. If you are a sadist then you enjoy giving the aforementioned pain to another person. Therefore if you meet your opposite then you will get along well.

Melted wax can be applied to many areas of the body in wax play. John Thomas Toys does not endorse wax play and suggests that if you do use it in conjunction with sex toys such as platinum silicone dongs then be careful and don’t apply it to delicate areas of the body - such as the face in particular the eyes.

Depending on how into wax play you are, as with most fetishes, there is a spectrum of use.

People just experimenting with wax may like to apply it to their arms or abdomen. More seasoned practitioners may apply it to breasts or very sensitive regions of the genitals like the penis or clitoris/vagina.

Wax play has been popularised in film such as Blue Powder featuring Jessica Biel in which she strip and then proceeds to dowse her upper naked body in melted wax.

Aside from candles, nowadays there are other ways in which you could create melted wax. Indeed, there are now electric burners which melt wax or wax hair removal systems which would all potentially give you a cup full of the hot stuff.

Applying melted wax to your body is a little like a mild bee sting so I can see why it would be invigorating.

Wax play is a means of ‘torturing’ your submissive partner when role playing by dripping it over their bodies (in extreme forms over their penis for example). Alternatively wax play has been used as a powerful means of ‘tease’ or titillation whereby it is used suggestively to play with and then pour over the body to gain a strong arousal pattern in your partner.

Interestingly, because many men and women have turned to candles as improvised sex toys or adult toys, John Thomas Toys have produced a range of platinum silicone dildos which look just like candles. Cleopatra’s Candles are a set of 4 medical grade adult toys which range from 7inches to 16” and are great for anal or vaginal play.

Furthermore, if you use these sex toys there is no need for wax burns on the body!

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