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Weird and wonderful kinks and fetishes (part 1)

In this next set of articles we intend to look briefly at some more weird and wonderful kinks and fetishes which are of interest to adult toy and sex toy lovers. Because platinum silicone dildo toy lovers are often interested in these topics we felt it relevant to discuss them here. So whether you enjoy a large silicone dong or a huge silicone dildo it doesn’t matter there is liable to be something which will interest you.

The first topic we are looking at is a 1950’s fetish. In this fetish it is all about re-creating the environment of the 1950’s. Couples who engage in this fetish are liable to (depending on how much time and energy they wish to input) recreate aspect of the 1950’s lifestyle within their homes.

Examples of this which sex toy lovers could do is decorating their houses in the décor of the time, removing all electronic devices which would not have been around at the time and dressing accordingly. Women may wear for example, skirts with lots of polka dots and men in formal shirts and ties.

Traditional stereotypical relationships in this period of history were liable to have involved a submissive female and a dominant male which can then be re-enacted including within the bedroom and sex play with your partner.

Due to the elements of dominance and submissive role play then this fetish is liable to appeal to adult toy lovers who enjoy BDSM practices as there are certainly a few similarities.

Women who enjoy this fetish may also likely dress themselves in the provocative underwear garments of the time. It may be that adult toy lovers could actually role swap and allow the woman to be the dominant member especially once they were home and it was predominantly here territory.

1950’s fetish seems like a fun expression of sexuality which focuses on an interesting period in history after the Second World War had ended. Possibly because there was no contraceptive pill in the 1950’s role play between sex toy lovers may include no actual intercourse – just oral sex or manual masturbation.

If you enjoy platinum silicone dildos such as large silicone dildos or jumbo silicone dongs and are interested in this fetish then there is plenty of information online about it to set you off in the right direction. Introducing a sex toy such as platinum silicone dong within your role play is a great way to bring some fun and pleasure into your proceedings. Furthermore, if the woman in the partnership wishes to, she may wear a large silicone dildo using a harness, and use it to anally penetrate her husband. In this act of pegging perhaps she could be rising up to her dominant husband who has been belittling her for years! It’s always good to create a back story within your role play and fantasy fetish to make things more convincing and exciting.

Then next item on our list of weird and wonderful kinks and fetishes is, 24/7.

For those of you adult toy lovers that are not familiar this refers to a couple who not only enjoy practicing a BDSM relationship occasionally during their lovemaking and sexual play, but they do it all the time.

Within a BDSM relationship there is a dominant partner who is in charge and has all the power. Furthermore, the submissive partner has none. They are liable to be punished and humiliated and abused in accordance to the ‘terms or rules’ they established prior to the beginning of the role play.

So yes what is particularly different in this fetish is that there is a continuation which is hitherto not practiced. Indeed, more traditionally within BDSM experiences once the session was over normal roles within the relationship would be liable to be resumed.

That is not the case for sex toy lovers who practice 24/7. Essentially therefore, both partners would be expected to maintain their role play all the time, potentially every day, week, month or year that they were with their partner.

Furthermore, it would not matter whether the couple were together or apart geographically, they would still have too keep up with their agreement.