Weird and wonderful kinks and fetishes (part 2)

We begun yesterday looking at a new set of articles aimed at adult toy lovers who enjoy large silicone dildos and massive silicone dongs and who would likely find interesting weird and wonderful kinks and fetishes which adults practice around the world. John Thomas Toys do not endorse any particular kink or fetish and you choose to engage in them at your own risk.

We left off yesterday discussing 24/7 fetish, the notion that BDSM practices would be kept up all the time with your partner regardless of whether you were physically in the company of each other at any given moment.

Typical behaviours carried out by the dominant (master) within the relationship are ones whereby power is demonstrated. It may be that the master ties up the submissive slave with ropes and chains and keeps them restrained in a ‘dungeon’. Once restrained the submissive person may receive a form of discipline or torture. This could be spanking with a spank paddle or something more extreme. The dominant partner is also liable to inflict humiliation upon their partner. An example could be urinating on your partner or slapping them repeatedly in the face, perhaps not letting them talk by applying a ball gag.

Alternative means of BDSM behaviour may be teasing the slave with a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo to both arouse them but also ‘leave them hanging’ in a state of urgent sexual frustration. Dominants may also force their slave to walk around on their hands and knees and kiss their feet. As you can see there is a lot of scope for adult toy lovers to use in their BDSM play. However generally this sort of behaviour is temporary for the duration of a sex session.

24/7 BDSM is considered more of an edgy kink because roles are maintained and over time it is feasible that there could be a detrimental effect on one or both parties mental state. In effect you could never switch off and revert to just being you and saying and doing whatever you normally would.

Whether in their company or being contacted over the telephone, if your master instructs you to do something you would have ‘no choice’ other than to oblige. If you failed to adhere to their instructions then obviously there would be a form of punishment which you may or may not enjoy. Furthermore, it may be that the whole foundation of the relationship is built upon this lifestyle. Therefore, without it’s maintenance the relationship would no longer be tenable from your partner’s perspective.

You would have to be an adult toy lover who was willing to totally immerse yourself in this role play and be prepared for whatever consequential circumstances might arise from the effects of permanently being in character. This could have an impact on your other relationships with friends and family as well as those within the workplace.

Presumably what you got from your role play would have to be sufficiently rewarding to motivate you to keep it going all the time.

Some examples of control which a dominant master may incur upon their slave may be limiting what they are allowed to eat, when they can go to the toilet or when they are allowed to reach their sexual climax.

Moving on from 24/7 BDSM, the next area we are going to look at is called abduction seduction. There isn’t a great deal of literature on this fetish/kink but from what we have gathered we are talking about role play whereby one member of the couple plays the role of some kind of perpetrator who abducts the other person.

Essentially within this role play one person may for example dress as an alien or supernatural being. The abductee would play the role of the helpless, powerless individual who is likely to be restrained e.g. by ropes or chains similar to BDSM acts.

Different from straight forward BDSM, within abduction seduction we are more likely to see perhaps a narrative between the participants e.g. the supernatural entity must penetrate the weak human to recreate and allow a continuation of their species. Alternatively the scene may be set for a weak human to receive lots of anal probing to find out the secrets to human life.

In order to create realism within this fetish one would need to incorporate various props at home such as bondage furniture. Furthermore elaborate clothing possibly incorporating leather, pvc or latex may be suitable. For added realism you could wear a fantasy platinum silicone dildo in the form of an alien beast of some kind. These could be worn using a sex toy harness and would allow the man to penetrate the woman anally or vaginally or indeed the woman to peg the man with a large silicone dong or massive silicone dildo.

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