Weird and wonderful kinks and fetishes (part 3)

We are looking at weird and wonderful kinks and fetishes because sex toy, or adult toy lovers often like to read about such things! Whether you have a platinum silicone dong at home or are looking to purchase your first ever huge silicone dildo shortly, read on as there may be something which you find interesting or amusing.

The next fetish which we are looking at today is for Amazonian Women. In this fetish we are talking about men and women who wish to be sexually dominated by a fierce and powerful Amazonian woman. Aspects of such a woman would be someone who is very physically strong and very confident. Furthermore, as part of role play they would likely wear appropriate tribal costumes featuring lots of jewellery or tattoos. Anything which could enrich the role play which would facilitate the Amazonian woman to be powerful is essential. One would imagine that this is more of a fantasy role play for men who particularly are attracted to African American women.

Perhaps these women would also carry weapons, indeed any means to empower them while at the same time serving to make the other person subservient and submissive.

One may also imagine that the Amazonian woman would be liable to anally penetrate their male counterpart. This maybe with a platinum silicone dildo such as a huge silicone dong. This penetration could be achieved by hand or more in keeping with the role-play, by the woman wearing a compatible vac-u-lock harness. With the harness attached the woman could use the large silicone dong to peg the man into submission exercising total authority.

We are moving on again now and the next kink which some people are into is armpits!

When human move around, get stressed or excited or exercise we produce sweat which is a salty secretion from the body designed to cool us down. One of the main places sweat is produced is under the armpits. Therefore at first glance we were a little surprised that this would be an area of kink curiosity.

This particular fascination refers to those that are sexually aroused by the sight of their partners underarm area. It may be that they like the look of the area or they are drawn to smelling it, or placing their lips and tongue there where they can lick and kiss the area.

From what we have gathered there is a range of preferences and behaviours associated with this kink. Most women shave their armpits and most men probably do not. If an adult has washed their armpits and deodorised then they are likely to smell quite pleasant. Furthermore if they have been shaved they are liable to be very smooth too and partners may enjoy licking them.

Variations in this kink occur when adult toy lovers may buck the trend somewhat. While fresh sweat on a man or woman’s body is often considered sexually attractive, old stale sweat which contains dirt and bacteria is liable to be unpleasant. However, that said there are those that follow this kink that enjoy badly smelling underarm odour and it is capable of sexually arousing them!

Furthermore, although women are programmed by Western societal expectation to shave their armpits, there are some sex toy loving women who do not adhere to this trend. Subsequently we have women with long underarm hair which their male or female partners are particularly enamoured with.

Another example may be where the man has shaved his underarms and they then become an area of attraction for their male or female parter.

It is possible that interest in armpits could be due to the sexual pheromones which are secreted here. A man or woman’s potential receptivity to sex may be being transmitted through their sweat glands hence the attraction and desire they are capable of inducing.

A final way armpits may be ‘used’ in the realm of fetish and kink practices could be in BDSM. Theoretically, a means of humiliation could be not letting your slave wash their body or underarm which would give them an unpleasant aroma.

Alternatively, if you as the dominant partner had poor body hygiene with bad BO then you could force your slave to lick and kiss this area. One would imagine you would have to have a hard stomach or poor sense of smell in order to get anything out of this practice though!

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