Werewolf Play

We continue with our look at weird and wonderful fetishes in which we aim to educate our sex toy loving audience who enjoy nothing more than a massive silicone dildo or jumbo silicone dong.

There have long been men and women who have a fetish for vampires. Indeed they may dress up as vampires, wearing Gothic clothing. Perhaps they may wear makeup and false fangs. Indeed, some enthusiasts may not only use platinum silicone dildos with each other but also go so far as to bite one another and even draw blood!

Werewolf play is in a similar category of fetish. Enthusiasts are liable to dress as a werewolf and practice sexual games and play incorporating adult toys particularly around the time of the full moon.

If you were into Werewolf play then presumably your play time would be limited to the 3 days a month when the moon is solid? After all that is the only time traditionally the Wolf comes out of hiding!

Aside from dressing like a werewolf, some sex toy lovers have been known to produce intricate role plays. Perhaps for example one person may pretend to be walking home innocently while the other in full costume grabs them and then takes them back to their lair to devour them.

Quite what form the devouring takes is anyone's guess, but one can imagine it involves ripping off clothing and probably some form of restraining with biting. The werewolf has the ability to turn it’s victim into a werewolf too according to tradition but that does involve a non fatal bite which we wouldn’t recommend especially if it draws blood!

Perhaps a better idea would be a love-bite and for you both to employ the use of a platinum silicone dildo such as a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

If you do practice Werewolf fetish then remember you will be expected to transform in a Michael Jackson (Thriller), Michael J Fox (Teenwolf) American Werewolf in London manner!

Aside from any major biting! Werewolf fetish sounds like a hole heap of fun – just make sure you keep away from silver bullets.

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