Wet and Messy Fetish

John Thomas Toys produce medical grade platinum silicone dildos, dongs, butt plugs and anal stretchers and in our accompanying blog we are looking at a variety of related topics. Today, sex toy lovers we are looking at another interesting fetish called Wet and Messy Fetish (WAM).

For those of you adult toy lovers that are not familiar, WAM Fetish is when a person is sexually aroused when they are either covered in a specific substance or they see it being applied to someone else.

In order to generate a suitable level of arousal there needs to be a sufficient amount of substance to be applied. The substance in question which produces the arousal can vary greatly from person to person but there are some similarities.

The substance in question (and yes sex toy lovers we will identify some shortly) can be applied to a person’s face, whole body, naked body or fully clothed – again it is all down to the individuals personal preference.

Suitable substances are generally those which feel good on the skin, perhaps they are rich and creamy or slimy – these are those which stimulate the senses.

Examples of substances used may include cream, shaving foam, liquid chocolate, artificial slime, sexual lubricant. As you can see they are all quite slippery and therefore if applied to the human body one can imagine they would easily be seen as erotic – particularly if the other person was naked.

It appears at least at first glance, sex toy lovers, that practitioners are largely drawn to the feeling of the slimy liquids however it may be that the aesthetic produced is just as, if not more, important.

The type of substance used can be highly reminiscent of that which we all saw growing up, which was used in television game-shows when celebrities were ‘gunged’. Indeed perhaps this is in part attributable to it’s origin!

Some practitioners of WAM fetish may enjoy receiving a custard pie to the face or being covered in squirty cream. Alternatively it may be done on a much grander scale with people being sat under some sort of gunge dispenser capable of covering every inch of them in slime.

There is a lot of WAM Fetish adult material on line whereby men and women can be seen getting covered in gunk and then proceeding to either engage in solo masturbation (perhaps with a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo) or having sexual penetration with a partner.

While a lot of WAM Fetish activities occur to people naked, there is also a great attraction to do it while clothed too. Furthermore, while being covered in a slimy liquid may be satisfying to experience or witness if the person is clothed, it may be even better if the slime goes inside the clothes rather than over the top. As a consequence there are a lot of practitioners who wear special outfits which enable the substance to remain in contact with their bodies and be prevented from leaking out!

Examples of clothing worn during WAM Fetish which adult toy lovers may be interested in, are those made of latex or PVC and may also be suitable within the realm of additional sexual fetishes such as those associated with BDSM.

Aside from the messy substances we have already listed, additional ones may include, baked beans, ketchup or pancake batter.

If you are interested in WAM Fetish then there are lots of practitioners out there who no doubt will welcome you. WAM Fetish sounds like a fun, albeit sticky and slimy sexual fetish, which has the potential for a lot of enjoyment and laughter.

If you choose to engage in it then why not compliment it further with the addition of a platinum silicone sex toy? We have a fabulous range of adult toys to suit him and her and they are geared to either vaginal or anal play.

All our toys are body safe and allergy free and can be sterilized in boiling water between uses. They all come with a quibble free 1 year warranty and are highly durable and perfectly tailored to your desired use.

The next time you see an adult getting covered in slime on TV – remember they are possibly loving it in more ways that one!

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