When the postman came (part 1) SEX STORY

It was summer and I was outside as usual plying myself with suntan lotion and indulging in the sunshine. Jack was away on business, at least that’s the line he spun me with. I am not going to lie I have begun to suspect he may be having an affair but as yet I have been unable to find any defining evidence!

I was outside and all alone just one bored lady and my factor 15. Don’t get me wrong I love my own company but sometime we all just long for some company – don't we?

As the day passed by and I was all sunshined out I started thinking about my questionable partner again. Was I missing him or was I just missing the sex we shared? I mean it wasn’t amazing but it was all I had ever known.

It didn't take long for me to work myself up into a bit of tizz and I could sense my body was aching for some sexual fun. I have never masturbated before let alone tried an adult toy but it was earlier that week that I’d overheard some female colleagues giggling in the toilet at work about these amazing large silicone dildos they were using.

From what I could remember they bought their sex toys online and the name of the shop had an amusing name. ‘John something’, I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then in a moment of satori I remembered it. “Aha” I thought, “John Thomas Toys”.

Since leaving home and managing my own finances my parents have always nagged me about the dangers of buying stuff online so the prospect of buying a sex toy left me somewhat uneasy. I thought how on earth can I go to my bank and tell them I have bought a large silicone dildo and been ripped off by a company.

I needn’t have worried, to my amazement John Thomas Toys website was covered in accreditation from all major online security firms. PayPal buyer protection, McAfee Secure Certification, Norton Shopping Guarantee, “wow” I thought, this site looks great and I think my money is surely going to be safe.

Before I ventured any further upon my sex toy exploit I decided to look John Thomas Toys up on TrustPilot. I was pleased to see that they passed that test with flying colours too and I could now not think of a single reason why I could not justify a small purchase of that platinum silicone dong I now had my eye on!

Although I was viewing John Thomas Toys on my old laptop I was impressed at the fluidity of their site. The graphics and design were so modern and the toys...the toys looked to die for!

Having browsed their entire range of platinum silicone dildos I noticed such a variety they offered the savvy customer. From small silicone dildos which resembled Jack’s manhood (although his was paltry in comparison) to jumbo silicone dongs there surely was a lot of time and effort had gone into this shop.

I narrowed down my selection to about half a dozen favorites. They were all medical grade platinum silicone dildos and all available in 4 different sizes. I think the safest best for me was to start off small as this was all new territory to me.

I decided upon a strange mythical platinum silicone dildo called the ‘Beastli’. I wanted something which wouldn’t remind me of you know who and this fantasy sex toy really appealed.

I got out my credit card and proceeded through their crisp website until “voila”. The purchase had been made, now all I had to do was sit back and wait for my adult toy to arrive.

I knew I had the week off work so if all went according to plan I would have my sex toy tomorrow and I could take if for a test ride.

Jack wasn’t due back for 2 weeks and despite his insistence that we should have phone sex I just wasn’t into it. It felt so impersonal and besides he always sounded so shifty on the telephone.

I made supper and chilled in front of the tv, before going up to bed early, all the while ever so slightly preoccupied with my the thought of my new platinum silicone sex toy that by now had been packaged and dispatched to my home address.

I awoke late the next day to the sound of my doorbell being run and I quickly donned a dressing gown and ran downstairs.

There at the door was Dave the courier. He had left packages with me before and I was taken by how masculine and yet how sweet he seemed. “Hello Miss McQueen” said Dave. I shyly bit my bottom lip. The courier was a few years older than me and was very confident.

Little did he know that within the cardboard box he was holding was my brand new sex toy.

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