Olfactophilia – Odor fetish

The next fetish which we are looking at which sex toy lovers may find interesting is to do with body odor.

If you are sexually aroused by body odor then you are said to have a Olfactophilia.

Olfacto is do with the sense of smell. Philia means liking or loving. Hence Olfactophilia is to do with loving smells. The fetish to do with loving smells is predominantly to do with smells upon another person’s body.

Within this sexual fetish as usual, there can be a lot of variety. At a simple level men or women may like nothing more than being around an attractive adult who is otherwise clean but has just had a work out. There must be something about the fresh salty sweat that they have produced which makes them want to run home and find their sex toy or adult toy or otherwise try and initiate a sexual encounter in real life.

Perhaps the smell of fresh sweat carries the sexual chemicals which are known as pheromones or maybe there are some unconscious assumptions being carried out, such as this person is fit and healthy and would therefore be a good person to satisfy me sexually.

At another level, some people are highly sexual aroused if their sexual interest is wearing a nice perfume or cologne. These scents are cleverly tailored to arouse our senses and evoke feelings within us. As such it is understandable why they are so expensive and why so many men and women insist on wearing them to make them feel desirable.

Aside from sex toy lovers purely liking more obvious examples of body smells such as fresh sweat and perfumes, there are those that are drawn to the more obscure.

Quite why is anyone's guess, but those that are sexually drawn to feet for example are not always in preference for a fresh foot. Indeed, some adult toy lovers love nothing more that poor foot hygiene. Perhaps this is to do with humiliating and punishing your ‘slave’ or perhaps you just love cheesy feet!

Another obscure body odor attraction has to to with armpits. Again some sex toy lovers enjoy a freshly shaven and deodorized armpit and would be drawn to caressing it. However some prefer an unkempt armpit preferably unshaven and emitting lots of bacterial body odor. While we cannot fathom the attraction there are said to be those which love it!

Those who practice the fetish of adult baby are likely to love covering their “baby” lover in talcum powder as this has quite an original smell.

Other examples of body odor fetish may be those who enjoy the smells associated with the genitals.

Again this goes from one end of the spectrum to the other. We have some adult toy lovers who maintain their privates perfectly. Perhaps they regularly have the area shaved or waxed, or at the very least a daily wash in the shower. As a consequence if their partner was to perform oral sex upon them the conditions would be favorable, clean, fresh and hygienic.

Alternatively, there are those who have this odor fetish who prefer things more that just a little au naturel. Indeed, there are men who deliberately do not clean their penis’ or anus’ prior to sexual play with their partner because that is their preference.

In addition there are women who do not trim or shave their pubic hair and allow it to grow long and bushy, furthermore they may not employ tactics to keep their vaginal area fresh.

For some partners this is highly arousing and a prerequisite for sexual play.

While this writer doesn't necessarily think you have to have a perfect pubic hair sculpture in place or 5 showers a day, basic hygiene is imperative and makes sex much more enjoyable I guess that is unless you enjoy humiliation and punishment in this form. C’est la vie.

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