Updated: Jan 14, 2020

At John Thomas Toys we are always looking at ways to come up with fantastic new ideas for platinum silicone dongs or other adult toys which men and women can enjoy alone or together. Lots of customers use their sex toys during their solo mastubation time. Alternatively, due to the adaptability of our sex toys, many also like to harness their large silicone dong to a compatible harness.

A growing trend has seen adult toy lovers invest in a compatible sex machine or fucking machine which they can then attach their beloved platinum silicone dong to. While there are some limitations in regard to how big and heavy a sex toy can be when attached to a machine, if you choose sensibly then you can really set yourself up for a lot of unadulterated pleasure.

John Thomas Toys currently produce platinum silicone dildos, dongs, butt plugs and anal stretchers which are perfect for men and women to use for anal or vaginal penetration. We even sell a range of sex toys which women can use for simulataneous anal and vaginal penetration - just in case you fancy double the pleasure!

A new line of sex toys just for men is due to be launched in 2020 and will feature John Thomas male masturbators which will be perfect for some ultra realistic men-only fun. We are constantly striving to produce wonderful products to compliment our already extensive adult toy selection. In addition our buyers are scowering the adult toy industry looking for other accessories which would work well with our own products.

We like to keep our loyal customer base up to date on any developments and intend to utilise many avenues to get our important messages across to all our sex toy loving friends.

We use our main website as the most important platform to demonstrate new products and special offers, however, we also like to incorporate social media where possible as we appreciate a lot of adult toy lovers prefer to stay up to date on what is going on in the world in that way.

Today we are going to have a brief look at Twitter. For those of you that are not aware, Twitter is what is known as a microblogging site and an online service which facilitates social media.

Essentially, millions of people around the world use twitter to connect to one another upon shared interests. It is a means for people to express themselves as part of a group or as an individual. Twitter was launched in March 2006 and seen rapid uptake in users over the last 13 years.

The concept was that through a series of 'tweets' a person could transmit information in the form of 140 characters or less. If the content you put out is deemed interesting then other members would follow you until you had potentially built up a large following.

Twitter users can also choose to mute or block content from others that they find uninteresting, boring or offensive. Twitter has established itself as a means whereby news can travel quickly and often it is without the bias spun by the media body that usually reports it.

John Thomas Toys embraces all social media and views the positive effects which it can bring to people. Twitter can create supportive communities as well as bringing like minded individuals together.

Many sex toy lovers regularly log in to Twitter to catch up on the days events from interesting people they have met online. John Thomas Toys intend to bring you interesting, fresh and relevant content in each of our tweets. We would love for you to follow us and we look forward to introducing the latest sex toys or adult toys to you. In addition we hope to share exciting special offers and discounts.

For your information you may want to know that you can contact us with any product related query via Twitter and we will endeavor to respond in a timely manner. Just click the Twitter logo on our webpage to find us.

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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

John Thomas Toys pride themselves on their comprehensive selection of original and innovative platinum silicone dongs and other sex toys all designed to enhance the sex lives of our loyal customers.

Currently we offer over 50 different wonderfully made platinum silicone dongs, dildos, butt plugs and even anal stretchers! We are mindful that not all customers intend to use their sex toys in the same way. Indeed, while many simply use their adult toys in a hand held manner (either alone or with their sexual partner) some prefer to mix things up a bit. As such – and utilising the adaptability of our sex toys – many people like to attach them to harnesses.

A harnessed sex toy means a woman can now penetrate another woman anally or vaginally or even both at the same time! Alternatively there are plenty of men who enjoy being penetrated anally by a woman wearing a large silicone dong too – this practice is known as pegging.

For men with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, a harnessed dildo can also provide great benefits for both partners. If your partner wishes to experience a fantasy beast, alien or other mystical creature’s penis, then strapping on a dildo is a great way to achieve that.

A lot of our sex toy customers already own a sex machine (otherwise referred to as a fucking machine). Most (but not all) of these machines are vac-u-lock compatible. This means that they have a vac-u-lock plug attachment on them. This clever plug is able to harness a compatible dildo or platinum silicone dong.

The majority of the platinum silicone dildos which John Thomas Toys make are indeed vac-u-lock compatible. This is achieved by incorporating a vacuum hole inside virtually every sex toy we make. We do not make vac-u-lock dildos but ours are compatible with vacuum dildo systems.

If you peruse our selection of optional products you will notice that we currently offer a lovely selection of harnesses which can be used in conjunction with your favoured John Thomas sex toy (please check item specifications as there are a couple of exceptions to this rule). N.B Platinum silicone dongs are predominantly vac-u-lock and O-ring compatible.

Aside from the harness options, we also offer a range of alternative vac-u-lock products including those which can make the sex toy you use easy to manipulate. One such example is the vac-u-lock Black Handle. This is quite a simplistic sex toy accessory – essentially it is pushed inside the cavity in your adult toy and allows you (or your partner) to grip the handle when penetrating your orifice of choice. The handle allows the user to gain better purchase on their sex toy and thus experience a more fulfilling sexual practice.

Another good example of this kind of adult toy accessory is the Knuckle Up. Again this sex toy utilizes the vacuum hole found in our sex toys and allows the user to place their fingers inside the holes of the accessory and clench their fist to hold the sex toy firmly prior to penetration. This optional extra makes it a lot easier to penetrate your partner especially if you are engaging in anal play with them.

The Realm Dragon Dildo Holder is another optional item which we have just begun to stock. Coming in a gorgeous presentation box this item is a bronze sword made of tough polyurethane which you can easily mount your favourite platinum silicone dildo upon.

If you enjoy TV shows like Game of Thrones or other Dungeons and Dragons type films, then this mythical sword is liable to have a strong appeal.

To place your favourite John Thomas Toys dildo upon it, firstly we recommend you apply Vac-U-Powder or an equivalent high quality cornstarch powder, into the toy’s vacuum cavity. This powder acts as a dry lubricant enabling simple application beforehand and removal after your session.

This sword attachment is a great way to make your sexual playtime even more fun and enjoyable. This authentic looking item has two dragon heads complete with scales plus medieval shield and the appearance of a bound handle.

For your peace of mind we should tell you that just like our platinum silicone dongs, Drago sword is also made from body safe materials and is very durable. The sword is also phthalate free and contains no paraffins, fragrances or latex.

Drago sword can be used with any vac-u-lock compatible sex toy or adult toy, such as those made by John Thomas Toys and is also easy to keep clean in-between uses. If you are looking for another way to make your large silicone dong come to life then why not invest in one of these handy and attractive swords – or perhaps it will look more at home in your dungeon until your slave is ready for his punishment!

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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

There are many adults who are looking to invest in a sex toy or adult toy but are put off for fear that it will ultimately lead to embarrassment. They are not necessarily concerned that their sexual partner will find it and berate them, but instead they are anxious about the little things such as ordering and billing.

At John Thomas Toys, customer satisfaction is paramount. Ideally when you place and order with us for a sex toy or adult toy, you will be so happy with the quality, presentation, durability, customer service and effectiveness that you return to us time and time again in the future. We would also love it if you were to recommend us to your friends if the experience has hit the mark.

For new customers, there is often the concern with how they are going to be billed. Indeed, it may be that a person orders a sex toy behind their partners back – perhaps as a surprise – but they do not want to leave an electronic paper trail so to speak, where their purchasing habits can be easily identified. Furthermore, if someone is liable to look at your bank statements in the future (e.g. applying for a mortgage or your accountant for that matter) the last thing you would want to see is sex toy for £99! Rest assured with John Thomas Toys that is never the case.

When you order an adult toy from us our company name is never mentioned on your bank or credit card statement. Indeed, all that is stated is a very subtle “JJD Holdings”.

Establishing that the name of John Thomas Toys is not shown on any of your transactions is liable to be reassuring for some concerned individuals. However another issue which potential buyers may have is in regard to delivery.

Some would-be customers worry that their sex toy or adult toy will arrive in a box which states “large silicone dong” or “giant cock”. Although this may sound amusing, some people are genuinely worried at how their goods will be packaged and presented.

Again, rest assured that discretion is also maintained in our delivery and packaging. Sex toys like a large silicone dong are a very personal item which you may or not want anyone else to know that you are ordering. Yes it may be a surprise for a partner, alternatively it may be your guilty little secret indulgence that you use on your own. Regardless, you can rest-assured that when your order arrives there will be nothing that either the courier or the person that receives the goods can use to detect it’s contents.

John Thomas Toys use plain double walled cardboard boxes. There is no logo or company name on the box or courier label. Indeed, when we ship out a platinum silicone dong within the UK, there is nothing on the box related to it’s contents nor to where it has come from.

You do not need to be concerned about other’s guessing what is inside, as it will be impossible to tell. Plus for your own peace of mind once packed and sealed, security tape is placed round your package so you will know if anyone has tampered or opened it.

Within the UK, John Thomas Toys use Parcelforce as our courier. They are under firm instructions to only leave this parcel with the addressee. When you order one of our sex toys or adult toys, you can stipulate where it is going and for whom is going to sign for it.

If that person is not home when the parcel arrives then our couriers are not permitted to leave the item in a safe place or with a neighbour. It will be safely returned to the depot for re-delivery. N.B you could also collect it from the depot.

Some customers – for whatever reason – are concerned or not interested in having their sex toys delivered to their home address. Often we hear that people do not want other housemates, partners or family members potentially getting hold of the adult toys.

If you wish, we are very happy to arrange for your platinum silicone dong or large silicone dildo to be delivered to your local participating post office. In order to do use this premium service a small extra cost is incurred. If you wish to engage the Convenient Collect Post Office service please contact us in the first instance prior to ordering.

For further information on the measures we take to ensure a confidential and discreet service then please get in touch and we would love to help.

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