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Kink things up a bit with an animal-themed dildo.

Some people like to make controversy where none exists, which is certainly true for sex toys based on animal parts. Yes, I am talking cock here, horse cock, dog cock, whale cock, you get the idea.

The critical distinction about animal dildos is that they are just dildos. It isn't like you are going bottom-up to a werewolf or a dragon, but you could be, I suppose, in your imagination.

These are fantasy dildos that break some of society's taboos, and they have some incredible features for you to enjoy to tempt you to try them.

Don't get me wrong; regular dick-shaped dildos are a lot of fun. They are ideal for exploration or just getting some of what you enjoy when the real thing isn't available. But they can be a little plain.

Apart from length, colour and girth, differences between human form dildos are pretty minimal. They pretty much all look and feel the same. Yes, you have cut or uncut versions but let's face it, a cock is a cock.

Fantasy dildos are becoming more and more popular as a result of people wanting more.

More texture, more variety and more kink.

Within the fantasy category of dildos, we can find all manner of animal-themed dildos that will stretch more than just your imagination.

Why animals? It's a bit naughty, I guess, but more importantly, they have some impressive features you won't find on any human for dildo.

Now take the Comanche War Horse as an example.

Painstakingly modelled on the images and painting of the 1800's warhorse "Comanche". It is striking in its realism and details.

It features some pretty fantastic features, the huge bulbous glans that take some stuffing. Once inside, it almost draws the rest of the dildo in behind it. But the fun doesn't stop there. Halfway down the shaft is a generously proportioned medial ring that gives you another challenge.

He is also a big boy, huge in fact, and that is a trait shared by all John Thomas Toys dildos, stretchers and plugs. The small sizes are lots of fun for most people, but if you like a challenge, check out the available eye-watering sizes on offer.

On the subject of equine delights, the Donkey Dong is also another classic animal-themed dildo, and this one also features a bulbous glans and medial ring too. But it is longer, much longer, so that it can be used for extreme anal depth training. He will give you one hell of a ride.

Animal dildos don't just include horse or donkey delights; think of how kinky the Japanese can be and their love of tentacle porn. Yes, tentacle porn.

Well, you too could be riding and squirming your way to pleasures yet unknown with the Original Tentacle Dildo. There is something about this one that rocks my boat. The ridges and suckers on it are a texture queens dream come true. Lube him up and let him pleasure your holes as they have never been pleasured before. Be a part of your own hentai fantasy and experience the touch of the octopus first hand.

There seems to be a theme here: amazing features and textures just not available on a regular dildo.

Next, I want to draw your attention to the OGLIN

a cross between an Ogre and a Goblin. This gargantuan cock has some imposing ridges and textures that will make your toes curl as you accept the challenge of trying to take it all.

Thrusting with this one feels like multiple cocks are ramming inside you one after the other; it's just another example of extreme textures and fantasy designs adding to the fun.

Now, if horses, donkeys, ogres and tentacles don't pique your curiosity for animal dildos, then imagine a snake working its way up inside you. Maybe that is the stuff of nightmares, or perhaps it is another texture lovers fantasy come true.

The Snake is a beautiful bendy delight. The head is a scan of a real snakes head that was then modelled onto a body with some of the most interesting and beautiful textures you will find on a dildo.

The shape and the drag caused by all the scale details make for a slippery ride that teases and pleases. Image him squirming his way deeper and deeper, making you bite your lips are you try to take it all.

When shopping for fantasy dildos, or any other dildos for that matter, you need to focus on materials and quality, and John Thomas Toys have got both of those covered.

They manufacture their animal and fantasy dildos using copper molds. This is a much more expensive way of making dildos, but it ensures that each one out of a mold is perfect and the same as the first. Quality matters, which is why they have a lifetime warranty on their silicone dildos; not many other manufacturers can match that.

They also only ever use 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone. This means no phthalates that can leach out of your toy. No latex allergy problems, and it also ensures the surface of the dildo is non-porous. This makes cleaning quick and easy.

You get a vac-u-lock compatible suction cup adaptor and a quality storage bag too.

So to summarise, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with an animal dildo. It can really provide you with some fantastic new sensations and opportunities to let your hair down.

Don't be vanilla; kink things up a bit and see why animal dildos are becoming so popular these days. This writer is hooked on them for all the right reasons.

Check out the range available at John Thomas Toys and chose a size that will give you a most enjoyable challenge.

Get your kink on.


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Why would you want to use a male masturbator?

Okay, so some people may think why bother using a male masturbator? When the five "knuckle shuffle" has always worked so well in the past. Plus it has the added benefit of having it always available ;-)

The simple answer is, sometimes you need or fancy something different. Yes, using your hand may work well, but wouldn't the feeling of sinking into a tight wet hole, one that can have a vacuum (adjustable to your preference) be a lot more enjoyable?

That leads you onto the vast choice of male masturbators available. With so many to choose from, it pays to think about your choice first.

Before you part with your hard-earned cash on something to slip inside, think about the materials for just a minute?

As with everything that I sink my "happy chap" into, I think about the material choices. Yes, a cheap sleeve doesn't cost much, but when the materials need to be regularly replaced, the cost can mount up. Not to mention, I want to keep my cock happy and healthy, so I prefer to go with silicone.

You really want to avoid male masturbators that are made from PVC, TPE, TPR (thermoplastic elastomer/ rubber), any Skyn products, rubber/latex, jellies or UR3.

This is because all these materials are known to be porous, and that is most definitely bad.

The porous materials collect bacteria and make it extremely unlikely that you can thoroughly sanitize the inside of your male masturbator. The bacteria will penetrate the material, making it impossible to clean effectively.

I always prefer silicone for any sex toy. Not only is it non-porous, latex and phthalate free, but it is also body-safe. You can incorporate temperature play with silicone too. I like to warm my masturbator in warm water before I play as it feels much more realistic when I do so.

So not only do I want a safe material, but I also want something that is going to look and feel amazing too.

Which leads me nicely onto the fantastic range of masturbators from John Thomas Toys.

They offer a range of traditional looking masturbators and also a few for the more adventurous of you out there. Choose from a virginal pussy, or kink it up by slipping into Godzillaz's, the choice is yours.

Made from platinum grade silicone, they are all body-safe, each design features its own internal textures too providing lots of choices. You can see the inside structure of every bump, ridge and nodule on each product's page on the John Thomas Toys website.

Each one is designed to give you different sensations to enjoy. Just don't forget you'll need some good water-based lube for a play session.

Water-based lube is much better for use with silicone products. I find that some other types of lube can cause me to either lose some of the sensations or leave me with dry spots.

Each male masturbator from the John Thomas Toys range also comes with a screw-in plug, and this is genius. You can use these plugs to control how much vacuum you want to enjoy. Simply lube up, sink your hard cock in, then fit the plug. As you pull out when stroking you get to enjoy a delicious suction effect which compliments the internal textures nicely.

I like the fact that John Thomas Toys don't use hard cases for their masturbators. It means that I can squeeze the masturbator as I stroke with it to increase the tightness when I am ready to cum.