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What is an influencer?

You may have heard the term influencer being floated around on the internet and media. But what is a social media influencer, and how can they be used to improve your business's sales and reach?

An influencer is simply someone with an audience. Whether that is on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and many other platforms - you get the idea.

A social media influencer's audience is a group of people that your business can be introduced to, hopefully with some of them becoming customers.

Why work with influencers?

Most businesses have a budget for advertising, whether that be online or in printed media. Advertising is expensive, and it is something that constantly tugs at many businesses' finances.

Social media influencers can be a very cost-effective way of advertising your business for many reasons. You can seek out influencers that use your types of products

or are within your target community with its demographics. The audience of these influencers are probably the exact people your business is looking for to convert into sales leads.

The influencer market is estimated to be worth $16.4B in 2022.

Types of influencers

There are many different types of influencers out there. Some concentrate on video content, and they are ideal for businesses looking to have someone demonstrate your products in creative ways to their audience.

Reviewers are another type of influencer. These people have an audience looking for in-depth information about products and services. Once published, reviews stay live, delivering a steady stream of leads, unlike traditional advertising with ongoing costs.

The use of short video content is growing, with platforms like TikTok gaining in popularity.

What types of influencers should you engage with?

There are influencers with millions of followers and others with just a few thousand. As a business, it may be tempting to look for the influencers with the most extensive number of followers as we are used to looking for advert impressions. This can be a costly way to look at the influencer market.

Smaller influencers tend to resonate with their audiences more, and these influencers can often generate the most sales leads, which is why John Thomas Toys enjoys regular partnerships with many.

Micro-influencers (5k to 100k followers) often provide a more cost-effective advertising opportunity. Over 82 percent of consumers are likely to buy something a micro-influencer recommends. Micro-influencers also have high trust levels within their audience.

How to work with influencers

When thinking about using influencers, look around as there are many to choose from. Find influencers that resonate with your own ethics and business ethos.

Look for influencers with high engagement rates. You want influencers who don't talk "at" their audience; you want those who talk "with" their audience. These are the ones who build trust, and their audience engagement will build your brand awareness.

You must trust their messages and how they conduct themselves if they are going to be brand ambassadors for your business.

Don't just use one influencer; build up a network of influencers and let them know who you are working with. That can lead to collaborations between influencers, which means more opportunities to get your brand or products to an even larger audience.

Look at different compensations options when approaching influencers. They work incredibly hard at what they do, and they should be compensated.

Some like affiliate programs, others prefer to be paid for their time, while others will work with you in exchange for products.

Please get to know the influencers you are interested in and build a rapport with them.

The personal touch is essential when working with influencers. Remember, they have to be able to trust you and your products or service if they are going to recommend them to their audiences.


Influencers are a very cost-effective way to get your brand or products in front of a vast audience. Word of mouth recommendation is much more effective than traditional advertising methods.

Embrace influencers, and see how they can help you grow your business cost-effectively and in an entertaining manner.

Many businesses find that they never turn back once they start liaising with influencers.

Unlike traditional advertising methods where you have to pay for adverts' exposure, content produced by influencers lives forever on the internet. This makes it a very cost-effective advertising method that can help to stretch your marketing budget.

It's a great way to grow your business through influencer exposure, so what are you waiting for? www.sexmachinereviews.co.uk

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Pup play has received quite a bit of media attention recently, mostly good, but some of it is just sensationalised. The fact that you are reading this means the thought of it must interest you, so I will let you know what it is all about.

Pup play is a form of escapism with a sexual element, and it's part of the BDSM spectrum of activities. Participants like to get into the mindset of puppies or older dogs and their owners while acting accordingly.

While this may sound a bit weird from the outside, it's a lot of fun with many people enjoying it. It involves lots of playtimes and can also involve training and punishment for wayward pups, of course.

As part of pup play, dressing the part is considered very important by most practitioners as it helps you get into the mindset of a pup.

A collar and leash is the simplest accessory that can be worn to help a pup get into the role.

Want to treat or humiliate your pup depending on their outlook on life? Take them into a pet shop and try collars on for size; that way, you know you are getting a good fit.

A collar signifies ownership and can also be used for control purposes with the leash. Good pups can also have their own dog tag with their name and owners' details on it.

Hoods are a popular element of pup play, and they allow the wearer to get into the role of a romping puppy; these range from beginner’s hoods to fully fitted customised ones that cost hundreds of pounds.

You can also get mittens with pawprints on them and hobblers that bind your calves and thigh together so you can only get around on all fours. These all help the wearer get into the mindset of a puppy. Mobility restrictions, collars and hoods all help create the scene for those who enjoy pup play.

But things can get much kinkier

For more kinky play, tails can be worn. Often these come in the form of a butt plug that the wearer inserts and wears, proudly wagging their tail.

One fun version of the dog tail butt plug is the Good Boy from John Thomas Toys. It is thin, body-safe, and so much fun. Insert it, and then get wagging to show everyone how much you enjoy it. Its narrow tail makes it easy to get a good wag going.

They combine the pleasure of butt play with pup play, and when you wag your tail, you feel some delightful sensations through the butt plug. So, if you see a pupster wagging its tail, you can rest assured that they really are happy.

Some of these tail butt plugs can even vibrate, and the pup's owner can even use ones with remote control capabilities to reward good behaviour from afar.

Don't forget to use some good quality water-based lube with any butt toys, though, such as J-Jelly.

Things get even kinkier when you think about some of the incredibly realistic dildos on the market based on a dog’s anatomy. Yes, you read that right; you can even enjoy the pleasures of a dildo shaped like an animal’s phallus.

Some might think that strange but think of it like this. You are just using another fantasy dildo shape; it's just for pup players, its handy if the fantasy dildo is a dog’s cock. So you can enjoy one without the shame or possible police involvement if experimenting with the real thing.

These fantasy dildos feature a knot that considerably widens the shaft by the base. It can be a real challenge that is so much fun to overcome. Often it is the knot play that users of these dildos find most enjoyable.

Check out the Original Dogs Cock platinum silicone dildo from John Thomas Toys to see what I mean about a knot. It really makes those last few inches a real squeeze to get it. They have it in stunning colours, and their fusion pouring technique produces incredible colour mixes.

Pup play can be as vanilla or as kinky as you want it to be. It can be fun to play as the pup, but owning one can be so much fun too.

They need lots of exercise, playtime and attention. Remember, a Pup isn't just for Christmas, so look after yours and always keep them on a leash (unless they are playing).


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Let me tell you about one of the big passions in my life, and that is sex machines. I love being on the receiving end of one. The way that they can go on and on without tiring is fantastic and is perfect for long edging sessions or just quickies.

Sex machines are capable of incredible performance that will make your toes curl and laying back and just feeling one hammering away inside you is amazing.

One of the best things about sex machines is that you can kink things up by varying the attachments you fit on the end of the thrust rod.

There are lots of different attachment methods for sticking your dildo onto the end of your fucking machine. It can get confusing with weird names like Quick-lock, Kliklock or XLR. All are designed to allow you to quickly change dildos, but lots of these systems have some serious drawbacks.

My favourite attachment method is called the Vac-u-lock system, and it is so easy to use. You get an adaptor on the end of your machine's thrust rod, and vac-u-lock compatible dildos have a hole in the base.

To mount the dildo, you push it onto the adaptor, and that displaces air from the hole in the base of your dildo holding it tightly in place. To change the dildo, just break the seal with a finger and pull the dildo off (ooer that sounds rude).

It's a rapid and easy way to change dildos mid-play without losing the mood, which is why I love it.

My favourite supplier of vac-u-lock compatible dildos is John Thomas Toys. Their fantastic range of body-safe silicone creations is perfect for safe play no matter what orifice you need hammering into next week.


You are going to need to get some things together to get the best out of a fucking machine session with a dildo such as the Spock's Cock (an amazing dildo with a fantastic name too).

You will also need some good quality lube, as sex machines can really shift, so lube is your friend. I can recommend J-Jelly as it's water-soluble and non-irritating.

Don't forget a towel; it's helpful to catch lube, squirt, cum or whatever and helps reduce the laundry bill if things get messy.

Top Tip: I also put some corn starch inside the holes of my dildos as it helps make it a little easier to remove them from the attachment.


I can give three main positions a solid recommendation from personal experience. For smaller textured dildos from John Thomas Toys, like the small Ramsta I prefer to get a good seeing to on my back, missionary style.

This is because the machine can be angled down, and I can enjoy some seriously quick thrusting that feels sublime (don't forget the lube). Plus, it's a fantastic position if I feel lazy and want to just lay there while being pleasured.

I prefer doggy style for larger dildos that widen as you take more of it, such as the Don.

That's because, in that position, it helps to open you up to take more and more. Plus, let's face it, who doesn't enjoy being hammered from behind in that position.

Now for exhibitionists out there (I am talking to you kinky web performers), your audience would really enjoy seeing you take on a John Thomas Dildo while sitting on the edge of a chair with the machine on the floor.

This position helps the viewers, or your admirers see what is going on, and webcam shows like this can quickly get the tips flowing in. Plus, open-legged positions like that allow you to show off the rest of your assets, and of course, your hands are free to thrill your audience in other ways.

John Thomas Toys dildos are perfect for just enjoying yourself or with a friend or as a prop in a webcam show. The vast range and, dare I say it, huge sizes mean they feel incredible and look incredible too.

Sex machines are the perfect way to take your dildo play to the next level, and I have so much fun with my John Thomas Toys dildos and stretchers.

So if you enjoy a bit of fucking machine play, you should check out the John Thomas Toys range of silicone dildos. Their lifetime guarantee and materials used are second to none. You also get a great storage bag to protect your investment and new friend.

Now get on over to their website, and let's all look forward to the "rise of the machines".


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