Why would you want to use a male masturbator?

Okay, so some people may think why bother using a male masturbator? When the five "knuckle shuffle" has always worked so well in the past. Plus it has the added benefit of having it always available ;-)

The simple answer is, sometimes you need or fancy something different. Yes, using your hand may work well, but wouldn't the feeling of sinking into a tight wet hole, one that can have a vacuum (adjustable to your preference) be a lot more enjoyable?

That leads you onto the vast choice of male masturbators available. With so many to choose from, it pays to think about your choice first.

Before you part with your hard-earned cash on something to slip inside, think about the materials for just a minute?

As with everything that I sink my "happy chap" into, I think about the material choices. Yes, a cheap sleeve doesn't cost much, but when the materials need to be regularly replaced, the cost can mount up. Not to mention, I want to keep my cock happy and healthy, so I prefer to go with silicone.

You really want to avoid male masturbators that are made from PVC, TPE, TPR (thermoplastic elastomer/ rubber), any Skyn products, rubber/latex, jellies or UR3.

This is because all these materials are known to be porous, and that is most definitely bad.

The porous materials collect bacteria and make it extremely unlikely that you can thoroughly sanitize the inside of your male masturbator. The bacteria will penetrate the material, making it impossible to clean effectively.

I always prefer silicone for any sex toy. Not only is it non-porous, latex and phthalate free, but it is also body-safe. You can incorporate temperature play with silicone too. I like to warm my masturbator in warm water before I play as it feels much more realistic when I do so.

So not only do I want a safe material, but I also want something that is going to look and feel amazing too.

Which leads me nicely onto the fantastic range of masturbators from John Thomas Toys.

They offer a range of traditional looking masturbators and also a few for the more adventurous of you out there. Choose from a virginal pussy, or kink it up by slipping into Godzillaz's, the choice is yours.

Made from platinum grade silicone, they are all body-safe, each design features its own internal textures too providing lots of choices. You can see the inside structure of every bump, ridge and nodule on each product's page on the John Thomas Toys website.

Each one is designed to give you different sensations to enjoy. Just don't forget you'll need some good water-based lube for a play session.

Water-based lube is much better for use with silicone products. I find that some other types of lube can cause me to either lose some of the sensations or leave me with dry spots.

Each male masturbator from the John Thomas Toys range also comes with a screw-in plug, and this is genius. You can use these plugs to control how much vacuum you want to enjoy. Simply lube up, sink your hard cock in, then fit the plug. As you pull out when stroking you get to enjoy a delicious suction effect which compliments the internal textures nicely.

I like the fact that John Thomas Toys don't use hard cases for their masturbators. It means that I can squeeze the masturbator as I stroke with it to increase the tightness when I am ready to cum.

The John Thomas Toys masturbators are sized well for wrapping your hand around to get the most enjoyment out of it or them if you are a proud owner of more than one.

Watch your cock slide into those pussy lips then lay back and enjoy the feeling of the wet tightness wrapped around your cock as you enjoy the sensations they induce when stroking with it.

Cleaning is simple, you just need to soak it in warm soapy water, then run warm water through the centre to make sure you have removed all unwanted fluids.

Ensure that it is thoroughly dry before placing it back into the faux velvet storage bag that John Thomas Toys also provide. These bags are made from good quality faux black velvet and are branded with white JTT branding and logo. They are a great way to keep your masturbator clean and out of sight.

John Thomas Toys stand by the quality of their products by providing a lifetime warranty (terms and conditions apply). They use copper molds in manufacturing too, which produces a higher quality product but costs much more to produce. Copper moulds ensure that every product will have precisely the same bumps, ridges and nodules as the one before.

Yes, silicone masturbators may cost more, but they will also last much longer than other materials. They will also be safer for your best friend, so why not give him a treat and enjoy slipping into something very comfortable. Looked after properly silicone masturbators will last you for years.

Providing pleasure for a long time to "Cum".

Joanne's Reviews

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Lube is an often overlooked sex accessory that is capable of taking your masturbatory or sex sessions to new levels of enjoyment.

I am speaking from experience here as I go through a lot of the stuff, some good, some excellent and of course some I wouldn't touch again.

This post will explain why lube is perfect for all genders. Lube makes everything much more enjoyable so let me tell you why.

Why use lube?

Lube reduces friction, and this can be important for mucous membranes, especially when tackling larger sex toys or even fisting.

Reducing friction will help to prevent damage to the tissue in the form of micro-abrasions and lead to a much more pleasant masturbatory or sexual experience.

Lubes makes vaginal sex better in so many ways, and it is great for wanking too. Add a couple of drops to your fingers and let them tease and smooth it over your sensitive areas to see what I mean.

It is essential when enjoying anal sex as that area doesn't produce its own lubrication, and the tissue is very delicate. Just the mention of the words "Dry Anal Sex" makes me cringe. Lube makes insertion more comfortable, and it also means you can enjoy longer play sessions before getting sore.

Now I am going to make some suggestions for lubes that are perfect for several different play types.

Vaginal Play

Firstly let's talk about vaginal sex and masturbation. One lube that has a cult following amongst devotees of fisting fun is J-Lube . It's supplied as a powder, you just add water to form a delightfully slippery lube that is free from glycerine, fragrance and parabens.

It's perfect for general masturbation but comes into its own with giant dildos, fisting and even anal play too. It is incredibly versatile and also very cost-effective. One bottle of the powder is enough to make up 11 litres of lube. So, bring on those giant John Thomas Toys dildos and plugs.

If you don't fancy making up your own lube, then it's also available in the form of J-Jelly , a pre-mixed bottle that contains 240 ml of the delightfully slippery lube. These bottles are great to keep in a play bag ready for immediate use for those moments when you have the horn and just have to get stuck in right away.

Anal Play

As everyone has an anus, we can all enjoy some quality anal lube when playing. The difference between good and bad anal lube is like night and day, though. Luckily John Thomas Toys stock some of the best ones out there, and they all come highly recommended.

Take Bottom Butter for instance, this is a hybrid water and oil-based lube that is long-lasting and great for anal play. As well as having a fun name, this lube will ensure your anal play sessions are just as fun. The only downside is that this one isn't condom safe or suitable for use with silicone toys. But for fingers and fists it's a winner.

If you need a condom friendly anal lube, then try Fist It Numbing which is supplied in a 1-litre bottle, great for extended play sessions. This one is specially formulated to desensitise and is latex condom friendly too.

I have to mention another cult favourite, and it isn't even a lube at all. However, it does often get used as one. If you are looking for something different but effective, then check out Crisco All Vegetable Shortening.

It's a fat-based bakery product that is good in the kitchen and also in and around your back doors. This long-lasting and versatile product is perfect for fisting and anal play where its smooth, slippery nature will be undoubtedly welcomed.

I can't see this use for it appearing on The Great British Bake Off, but it would undoubtedly see ratings soar if it did.

Cum Play

Lube feels good, but if like me you have a bit of a cum fixation then you are going to love Tom Of Finland "Seaman Lube". This water-based lube looks, feels and smells just like its namesake - cum. The texture of it feels incredible, and when it leaks out of you, it feels just like the real thing.

Ideal for use in dildos with cum tubes like the incredible Sampson Dildo, it's just the lube to choose when you want to enjoy some sticky creampie fun and games.

Fill your syringe with Seaman Lube to apply it exactly where you need it when playing, before relishing the feeling of pumping yourself full of it at the point of orgasm.

Jacking or Jilling Off

Lube is great for jacking or jilling off. It doesn't matter if you are using your hand or a sex toy, add some lube to make what you are doing feel even better.

I always use lube and go through bottles and bottles of the stuff. Why? Because it just makes everything better. Why stay dry when you can lube up and glide.

Article by Joanne's Reviews visit her at www.sexmachinereviews.co.uk

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These two subjects have a lot surprisingly in common, and the techniques used to achieve them are very similar. In both cases, to experience and enjoy them, you must be both highly aroused and relaxed.

Anyone who has ever watched online porn will probably have come across examples of vaginal stretching such as fisting or anal gaping. Quite frankly, these two activities look amazing and feel incredible, but how do you train yourself to achieve these intense experiences?

In this article, I am going to give you some good advice on how you can experience this intense pleasure.

Now, like anything else, anal gaping and vaginal stretching take time and practice. You can't expect to be able to do things like this unless you prepare your body.

Firstly, let me tell you all about vaginal stretching, as the training for this also pertains to anal gaping. I will then go on to talk about anal gaping.

Vaginal Stretching

The vaginal canal is a muscle, and as such, it can stretch and contract a fantastic amount, it is capable of incredible things. Vaginal stretching can be done for pleasure, or as a treatment for several conditions such as Vaginismus, Dyspareunia or even Menopause.

The key to vaginal stretching is to relax and to use a good quality water-based lube. Insert gradually larger objects to slowly stretch the muscles of the vaginal canal and the pelvic floor.

For the pleasure side of vaginal stretching, John Thomas toys are perfect as they come in a range of sizes, and some have varying girth along the shafts, which are ideal for vaginal stretching. Choose one with a tapered shaft for best results such as the Bully Boy or the Curly Twirly as both do an excellent job of gently stretching you open.

These stretching sessions should last between 20-30 minutes and be repeated twice a day. Start with a finger to warm up before moving on to bigger and bigger dildos. Lots of lubricant is key to the success of these exercises, especially as you step up to bigger insertables.

The temptation is to thrust with them, but resist that and just insert them, letting your body adjust to the girth before moving onto a bigger toy. When you have reached your limit, just relax, and feel the stretch before getting yourself off as your reward.

As you repeat these exercises, you will find that you can take bigger and bigger objects. John Thomas Toys dildos, especially those with tapered shafts like The Director, are perfect for vaginal stretching.

Anal Gaping

Cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to anal play, so before a stretching or gaping session, empty your bowels. An enema is also an excellent option to ensure you are clean and ready for play.

The best position for gaping and anal stretching is doggy style or kneeling and pushing back onto the toy. Lots of lube is essential as you don't naturally produce lubricant back there. This is where John Thomas Toys come into their own as they have a vac-u-lock compatible hole in the base. So, attach a Suction Cup Adaptor and fix your dildo to a smooth flat surface to make it easier to use.

Relax, and start with a finger before using progressively larger insertables. Slow and steady wins this race with anal play, give yourself time to stretch and relax.

When you insert toys, slowly twist them to keep well-lubed up and regularly apply more as you take bigger and bigger toys. Again, John Thomas Toys are perfect for anal stretching and gaping play, with an extensive range of sizes and plugs that taper well it makes anal training an easy process as well as being immensely enjoyable.

The aim is to relax the sphincter so that when a toy is removed, it stays relaxed and open to provide the gape.

With lots of dildos that are perfect as well as anal plugs available in four sizes, you can train yourself moving to larger and larger toys. Thingy Bob and The Buxom Lady are perfect for anal training, the sensation as each section pops inside you is sublime.

Butt plugs such as the Sergeant Major are perfect for extended wear and these help to condition your body to relax and when removed produce a great gape.


Training for anal gaping and vaginal stretching are remarkably similar. Both take time, and lots of practice and that, of course, means lots of enjoyable playtimes. Remember to use lots of lube and enjoy the feeling of being stretched open more and more with each session.

Check out the range of dildos and plugs at John Thomas Toys and let your imagination run wild as to just how good they would feel when you train.

Happy Stretching.

Joanne's Reviews www.sexmachinereviews.co.uk Twitter: @Joannesreviews

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