Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Through market research into adult toy use, John Thomas Toys have found that the majority of sex toy or adult toy users tend to be more likely to use them alone during solo masturbation moments. It may well be that the individual is single, or their partner is away.

Alternatively, some people use their sex toys behind their partner’s backs!

For most adults who are single, using an adult toy in order to help themselves achieve sexual gratification is totally understandable and there would be few who could or would criticise – perhaps those with strong religious opinions may?

In this day and age as we approach the very tail end of 2019, sex toys can be found – albeit in small versions – tucked away and stocked on the shelves in most major supermarkets. It is common for men and women to discuss the purchase of and use of, adult toys or sex toys and there is little cause for embarrassment.

If you are single and therefore not engaging in sexual activity then it can often be a lonely and sexually frustrating time if you are not able to engage in some sort of self pleasure. While there will always be those who feel it is forbidden or wrong or plain immoral, the majority of adults will see nothing wrong with satisfying themselves. Despite more relaxed attitudes to the use of sex toys and masturbation in general, it still appears (based on our research at least) that men lead the way when it comes to self pleasure.

This shouldn’t really be a surprise when we become aware of the fact that hundreds of millions of adults tune into porn sites online every day (around the world) and that nearly 70% of them are men.

Men may be the most likely group to engage in masturbation however when it comes to the incorporation of sex toys into the proceedings its quite an even thing between the sexes.

Men are drawn predominantly to the use of male masturbators to masturbate their penises. For those of you that are not up to speed on these devices, they are essentially some form of handheld artificial chamber made to resemble the inside of the anus, vagina or mouth.

They are designed to make the male masturbation experience more realistic and thus enjoyable and the materials they use in these sex toys are designed to be as close to life as possible.

Male mastubators tend to be only used in a handheld manner, but for the man with a larger disposable bank account he may attach it to a compatible sex machine or other equivalent adult toy capable of gyrating the male masturbator back and forth etc.

As a general rule of thumb, heterosexual men are more liable to only use male masturbators where as bi-sexual or gay men are liable to not only use those sex toys, but also incorporate a platinum silicone dong or other anal sex toy so they can stimulate their anus, rectum and ideally their prostate gland (a small walnut shaped gland inside the body which can be massaged via anal entry with an adult toy such as a vibrator or platinum silicone dong).

Women who masturbate regularly are reported to have begun this practice simply by using their hands to stimulate the vulva, clitoris or vagina. Over time they are liable to want to make the experience more enjoyable or possibly less hard work. As a consequence, they may well look to research the weird and wonderful sex toys on the market.

The vibrator is a common go-to sex toy which women love to use when they masturbate. The vibrator is particularly suited to clitoral stimulation with or without vaginal or anal play.

Many women like to use massaging wands or other high powered vibrators when they play.

Alternatively, they are also highly likely to use and enjoy for that matter, platinum silicone dongs or large silicone dildos for anal and or vaginal penetration by hand.

Some platinum silicone dildos even cater for both orifices simultaneously if the woman wishes to experience double penetration.

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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Regardless of whether you are new to sex toys or adult toys, or consider yourself more of a connoisseur, then no doubt you will be very excited to check out the vast John Thomas Toys range of medical grade platinum silicone dildos, dongs, butt plugs and anal stretchers.

Although the company behind John Thomas Toys have been involved in the adult toy industry since 2004, John Thomas Toys itself is still a relatively fledgling new venture and as a consequence some adult toy enthusiasts may not be familiar with us yet !

Therefore, we are pleased that we are able utilise the consumer review website known as Trustpilot. Trustpilot was established in 2007 and is a platform whereby all businesses around the world are independently reviewed by customers following their experiences.

Having a good standing on Trustpilot is a great way of letting your customers know that when you pay for goods or services that you will receive them as described and in a timely fashion. Around one million new reviews are submitted by users based on their interactions with different companies every month.

Trustpilot is very careful in the reviews which they allow on their website. If they are suspicious as to the validity of any reviews they have the power to remove them. Therefore only genuine reviews remain and a Trustpilot score is seen as reliable and credible due to their diligent compliance team.

This Christmas, if you are looking for a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo then we would love for you to purchase one of our amazing sex toys. Beforehand, please go to Trustpilot and search for us on there. We are pleased to report that our current standing is excellent.

John Thomas Toys endeavour to maintain a high Trustpilot score indefinitely. This is because we produce high quality adult toys made from only the finest medical grade platinum silicone. In addition, we place great priority upon ensuring every customer has the best possible experience with us.

Our aim is to exceed expectations regardless of whether you order a suction cup plug or a massive silicone dildo. Our friendly customer service team are somewhat ‘customer obsessed’ and are never satisfied until the customer is.

Since it’s origins in 2007, Trustpilot has grown massively around the world. It started in Denmark but soon had offices in London and New York. Trustpilot’s success has won lots of awards to recognise it’s success and now has a licensing agreement with Google allowing them to list Trustpilot reviews as Google Seller Ratings.

From it’s humble beginnings, Trustpilot now employs over 700 people and makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

When you shop with John Thomas Toys, we actively encourage you to leave a genuine Trustpilot review for us. We only ask that if you have any issues whatsoever with your order, that you contact us in the first instance so we can put it right.

As a thank you for leaving us a review on Trustpilot, we are currently offering our loyal customers a £5 reimbursement on their order price.

Whether you decide to order your sex toys or adult toys from us or another vendor, ultimately the choice is yours, however, we urge you to do a little homework first and check their standing on Trustpilot as not all online companies are trustworthy.

John Thomas Toys not only have a good standing with Trustpilot, but for your added peace of mind you will note that we display the McAfee Secure Certification, The Norton Shopping Guarantee plus buyer protection if you use PayPal or PayPal Credit to complete your order.

If you have any questions regarding Trustpilot, such as how to leave a review, then please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

When purchasing intimate goods such as sex toys or adult toys then as the customer, it is important to know that they are brand new and have not been handled by anyone else. John Thomas Toys are committed to providing excellent sex toys which have come straight from the factory molds, packaged and then delivered to your door.

When we receive an order from you for a large silicone dong or other platinum silicone dildo, then we select the sex toy in question and ensure the shrink wrap from the factory is in place. We also make sure the barcode is correctly applied and that we have chosen the right firmness level which you require. Upon receipt of your goods, you will see that either an M (for Super Soft Medium) or an F (for Super Soft Firm) resides upon your adult toy.

Your sex toy is then placed inside a gorgeous faux velvet bag which comes with our compliments. In addition we then proceed to carefully wrap your goods in plenty of bubble wrap before placing inside a thick double walled cardboard box.

The shipping label (within the UK) does not state where the goods have come from or what is contained as we aim to be ultra discreet regarding the handling of what is often considered a sensitive item.

All customer orders have “Deliver to Addressee Only” labels applied and also within the UK our couriers are not permitted to leave with a neighbour or put in a safe place. For total peace of mind, John Thomas Toys also use a premium product to security seal every order.

This special tape is placed along both main opening parts of the box so that when your goods arrive at your door you can know with confidence that no-one else has opened them or had the opportunity to tamper with your sex toy in any way.

Should you receive your goods and the security seal has been tampered with, it will be very clear to you. Where the tape has been removed it will display the following message “OPENED VOID” if this is the case please contact us immediately.

John Thomas Toys pride ourselves on our first class customer service and will subsequently act swiftly to resolve any issue you may have such as what we have identified.

John Thomas Toys operate a ‘No Quibble’ return policy on all of our platinum silicone dongs, dildos, butt plugs and anal stretchers. We know that some companies can drag their heels when there is an issue, but we aim to be the exception and to correct any issues quickly, easily and painlessly!

The No Quibble return policy is valid within the first 365 days of ordering your platinum silicone dong or large silicone dildo. In addition, you may extend the warranty outside of the first year. By purchasing an extended warranty you can give yourself greater peace of mind and know that your investment is protected for 3 years in total. Our sex toys are all made from the finest medical grade platinum silicone and as such we have the utmost confidence in them. Terms and conditions apply to our return policy so please refer to them here

If you wish to return a product please always contact us in the first instance so we can provide you with a valid RMA number. You may contact us via telephone, letter, email, chat option or via social media. In addition, if you purchased via eBay or Etsy you may contact us there too.

John Thomas Toys value our customers greatly and always strive to exceed expectations by going the extra mile and providing first class customer service – time and time again.

Please see what our customers think of us by visiting Trustpilot and searching for John Thomas Toys. These independent and verified reviews will help to give you peace of mind when you are ordering your sex toys or adult toys from us.

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