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These two subjects have a lot surprisingly in common, and the techniques used to achieve them are very similar. In both cases, to experience and enjoy them, you must be both highly aroused and relaxed.

Anyone who has ever watched online porn will probably have come across examples of vaginal stretching such as fisting or anal gaping. Quite frankly, these two activities look amazing and feel incredible, but how do you train yourself to achieve these intense experiences?

In this article, I am going to give you some good advice on how you can experience this intense pleasure.

Now, like anything else, anal gaping and vaginal stretching take time and practice. You can't expect to be able to do things like this unless you prepare your body.

Firstly, let me tell you all about vaginal stretching, as the training for this also pertains to anal gaping. I will then go on to talk about anal gaping.

Vaginal Stretching

The vaginal canal is a muscle, and as such, it can stretch and contract a fantastic amount, it is capable of incredible things. Vaginal stretching can be done for pleasure, or as a treatment for several conditions such as Vaginismus, Dyspareunia or even Menopause.

The key to vaginal stretching is to relax and to use a good quality water-based lube. Insert gradually larger objects to slowly stretch the muscles of the vaginal canal and the pelvic floor.

For the pleasure side of vaginal stretching, John Thomas toys are perfect as they come in a range of sizes, and some have varying girth along the shafts, which are ideal for vaginal stretching. Choose one with a tapered shaft for best results such as the Bully Boy or the Curly Twirly as both do an excellent job of gently stretching you open.

These stretching sessions should last between 20-30 minutes and be repeated twice a day. Start with a finger to warm up before moving on to bigger and bigger dildos. Lots of lubricant is key to the success of these exercises, especially as you step up to bigger insertables.

The temptation is to thrust with them, but resist that and just insert them, letting your body adjust to the girth before moving onto a bigger toy. When you have reached your limit, just relax, and feel the stretch before getting yourself off as your reward.

As you repeat these exercises, you will find that you can take bigger and bigger objects. John Thomas Toys dildos, especially those with tapered shafts like The Director, are perfect for vaginal stretching.

Anal Gaping

Cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to anal play, so before a stretching or gaping session, empty your bowels. An enema is also an excellent option to ensure you are clean and ready for play.

The best position for gaping and anal stretching is doggy style or kneeling and pushing back onto the toy. Lots of lube is essential as you don't naturally produce lubricant back there. This is where John Thomas Toys come into their own as they have a vac-u-lock compatible hole in the base. So, attach a Suction Cup Adaptor and fix your dildo to a smooth flat surface to make it easier to use.

Relax, and start with a finger before using progressively larger insertables. Slow and steady wins this race with anal play, give yourself time to stretch and relax.

When you insert toys, slowly twist them to keep well-lubed up and regularly apply more as you take bigger and bigger toys. Again, John Thomas Toys are perfect for anal stretching and gaping play, with an extensive range of sizes and plugs that taper well it makes anal training an easy process as well as being immensely enjoyable.

The aim is to relax the sphincter so that when a toy is removed, it stays relaxed and open to provide the gape.

With lots of dildos that are perfect as well as anal plugs available in four sizes, you can train yourself moving to larger and larger toys. Thingy Bob and The Buxom Lady are perfect for anal training, the sensation as each section pops inside you is sublime.

Butt plugs such as the Sergeant Major are perfect for extended wear and these help to condition your body to relax and when removed produce a great gape.


Training for anal gaping and vaginal stretching are remarkably similar. Both take time, and lots of practice and that, of course, means lots of enjoyable playtimes. Remember to use lots of lube and enjoy the feeling of being stretched open more and more with each session.

Check out the range of dildos and plugs at John Thomas Toys and let your imagination run wild as to just how good they would feel when you train.

Happy Stretching.

Joanne's Reviews Twitter: @Joannesreviews

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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Lovers of platinum silicone dongs such as large silicone dildos, often like to try out all different ways in which you can get pleasure from sex toys also known as adult toys. When using sex toys, having a good variety to choose from – like everything in life – helps to keep your fun interesting and exciting.

If you always use the same sex toy in the same way, things can soon become predictable and less enjoyable! Using your sex toy with your partner is one way in which things can become more erotic. It may be that you choose to use your adult toy in front of your partner. If they are happy for you to do so, then you both are liable to find the experience highly stimulating.

An alternative to you using your sex toy on your self, if your partner used it on you, then it could be really enjoyable and make a perfect lead up to penetrative sex with or without a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

John Thomas Toys have a glorious range of over 50 platinum silicone dongs all available in 4 convenient sizes so all adults are catered for. There is also the choice in firmness for you to consider until you create the perfect bespoke sexual experience.

John Thomas Toys are all designed to be used by hand – if you should so wish. However, the majority of them are also Vac-u-lock and O-Ring compatible. *Please check each items specifications prior to ordering to avoid disappointment. With the compatibility, comes the option of attaching to a harness or sex machine. Sex machines are also referred to as fucking machines or in some countries as fuck machines.

For the individual who wishes to use a sex toy alone it may be that a platinum silicone dildo is too big to carry around with them. They may consider them not terribly discreet – especially the 16” jumbo silicone dongs which are available – incredibly big and heavy.

Alternatively, it may be that some people want to use a sex toy which – for lack of a better expression – will do all the work! It is not that the people using these adult toys are lazy, but more that they wish to find the masturbation experience to be indulgent and not plain hard work!

Attaching a platinum silicone dong to a sex machine is a great way to reap the potential from the textured handcrafted adult toy that you choose. If the sex toy is mounted on a machine then you can set yourself up in a comfortable position and angle the thrusting rod so the sex toy compliments the opening of your desired orifice.

Sex machines are very powerful adult toys which can potentially go and go. (Always follow manufacturer's instructions). With a sex toy attached to a machine you can literally lay back, hold the remote control and think of England! Sex machines (unless battery powered) will not slow down or conk out too early and leave you sexually frustrated. Unlike a man, a sex machine with a platinum silicone dildo attached will not reach it’s climax too early and want to go to sleep either!

While sex machines and fucking machines are a handy piece of kit for the adult toy lover, sometimes they are just too big and too heavy and impractical to use on occasions. If for example you are away from home and staying in a hotel, it is not going to be advisable to be lumping a big sex machine around with you wherever you go. Furthermore, lots of sex machines (unless very expensive models) are liable to make quite a lot of noise as they penetrate you with their adult toy attached to the end. Also, a loud machine running in a hotel room is not likely to go down well with your fellow lodgers.

A more convenient option and the focus for the next few articles for our blog is in regard to what are known as hand held fucking machines.

These clever hand held sex machines offer an alternative to big and bulky sex machines and manual use of a platinum silicone dong or large silicone dildo. We shall look at a few examples in the coming days and see how they first originated.

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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

We are continuing our look at the benefits of regular sex and orgasm. Initially we are looking predominantly at how women are liable to benefit. This benefit is irrespective of whether they are engaging in sex with their partners or masturbating alone with a platinum silicone dong or large silicone dildo. The factor which seems to be of most importance is whether or not the woman in question is able to reach orgasm.

While there are certainly health benefits from becoming sexually aroused and engaging in sex, orgasm seems to be pivotal. During sex with a partner a great deal of energy is expended and therefore regular sex can help to keep a woman feeling fit and healthy. However, we intend to look more at the benefits of climax with or without the use of a sex toy or adult toy.

Research has shown that women who regularly either have sex with their partner or masturbate using a sex toy or adult toy such as a platinum silicone dong, report a higher level of happiness in their daily lives. It may well be that if a woman regularly is intimate with their partner then as a consequence they are strengthening their relationship. As a knock on effect, they then feel more able to cope with life’s stresses and strains because they have support and in turn report feeling more at ease and positive.

Well-being and positivity amongst women is more often reported in those who are sexually active in one way or another. Having a good libido (sex drive) is often linked to women who feel better about themselves and their lives in general. It is of little surprise therefore, that there is so much focus on sexual health in the media. Nowadays, we are forever being told how good sex is for us and how this is not an aspect of our lives which we can neglect.

Some people even go as far to say that sexual health is as important as physical health as it leads to confidence and higher self esteem in those that express their needs and desires appropriately.

Most women actively engage in sex or masturbation simply for the pure enjoyment of it but it may be helping those women who want to become pregnant following intercourse with their male partner. Again, research suggests that if a woman is able to reach her orgasm during sex (possibly helped by orgasm training using a sex toy or adult toy such as a sex machine) then she stands a better chance of conceiving.

The explanation for this suggests that women who orgasm during sex are able to retain more of the man’s sperm thus increasing their chances of egg fertilization.

Sex and orgasm during a woman’s pregnancy is also believed to be highly beneficial for the woman as it can maintain a sense of wellness and proximity with her partner liable to benefit all parties.

Women who regularly engage in sex and masturbation with sex toys like platinum silicone dongs are also more likely to be in better physical shape. Sex or sexual play with an adult toy can often be quite a work out. If a woman leads an otherwise sedentary lifestyle then sex may be a great way in which she can feel good and keep physically healthy in the process.

Self pleasure with a handheld platinum silicone dong is liable to be quite a workout in itself. Attaching a large silicone dong to a harness, means a woman could anally or vaginally penetrate her female partner or anally ‘peg’ her male partner. The act of using a harnessed sex toy, such as large silicone dildo, is another great opportunity for a workout which feels erotic and enjoyable for both parties.

Regular sex with a parter or masturbation with a sex toy, has been shown to improve the health of your heart - lowering the risk of it developing disease. There is also evidence which suggests regular sex and orgasm helps to protect you from having a serious health condition like diabetes.

As briefly touched upon earlier in this article, it is worth noting that regular sex with your partner helps to keep the two of you connected and in tune with one another. As a couple you are liable to feel closer and this bodes well for your future time together.

If you are single then the use of sex toys like vibrators or large silicone dongs, gives you a freedom and liberation to be sexually fulfilled regardless of your relationship status. Being sexually satisfied can enable you to be more at ease, relaxed and simply in a better place mentally.

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