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  • Why should I buy from you?
    We are trusted & accredited Class 1 merchants. We dispatch ALL our toys same day as ordered. We use the finest quality platinum silicone available. FREE Life Time Replacement Warranty. 365 day no quibble returns policy.
  • Where else can I buy your toys from?
    Currently other retail platforms we sell on are:- *Ebay (*UK customers only due to their regulations)
  • How do you pack the toys?
    John Thomas Toys are *shrink wrapped at the factory and also display our security holographic security seal. We do not use retail packaging as our planet could really do without it. The toys are then *bubble wrapped before boxing up. We only use very thick, strong, plain double wall *card board boxes. Finally the packing box is *taped and *security sealed. (*all packing materials we use are 100% recyclable)
  • Are my details safe? as I worry about online fraud.
    Yes your details are completely safe & secure:- *GDPR compliant. *PCI / DSS compliant. *SSL secure encrypted website. *Buyer protection. We do not have access to your payment details, online payments are processed via our payment gateway providers Square® & Paypal®.
  • Why are your toys so expensive?
    Platinum silicone in it's raw state is very expensive, around 4 to 7 times the cost of PVC, TPR, TPE or latex. The actual manufacturing process using Platinum silicone is also incredibly time consuming & costly too, however the actual quality, durability & safety of this material out weighs the cost. Many cheap sex toys use cheap materials which can have harmful toxins. Body Safe, 100% pure platinum silicone is the best material....period.
  • Are your toys glued together using two separate molds?
    No, unlike many other competitors that use a split mold system to create their toys, we only hand pour into a full mold which gives no seam lines at all & makes for a perfect product.
  • Do the toys smell of rubber?
    100% Medical grade Platinum Silicone toys we sell do not have any odour at all.
  • Are your toys Phthalate free?
  • Do your toys stain or shrink?
    No, silicone is a non-porous & hypoallergenic material which does not stain or shrink.
  • Do you use silicone mix 1 to 1 that I can buy from Amazon?
    No, we use medical grade commercial silicone that is used for heat pouring which is done on an industrial scale. Many competitors & small Etsy sellers that make them in their garage produce cheap quality silicone molds for unstable, poor quality "cold" pouring, whereas we use copper molds for "heat" pouring which require hi-tech expensive machinery & tooling giving our customers an incredible, highly detailed end product.
  • Price difference from PVC to Silicone?
    Latex, PVC, TPR & TPE are the most commonly used materials for sex toys, this is due to them being 4 to 7 times cheaper to buy in the raw state than Platinum Silicone & is alot easier to manufacture than Platinum Silicone. Silicone is very durable, does not shrink, stain, peel, melt or harbour bacteria like the above mentioned materials can & do, even phthalate free toys can be toxic to some users whereas Silicone is 100% allergen free. You can put the Silicone toys in the dishwasher or boil wash them, silicone is heat resistant & you can even cook it with no loss in quality with your Sunday roast not that we recommend this! Silicone toys can also be kept in very hot or cold conditions without any loss in quality.
  • Can I warm up your toys for added pleasure?
    Yes, unlike many other cheap materials that can melt or give off dangerous toxins you can warm up Platinum Silicone sex toys using these methods:- Submersing the toy in hot NOT boiling water for approx' 1 minute, be sure to test the heat on the inside of your forearm first before insertion. Heat using Microwave, NB: this can be very dangerous as the toy heats from the inside to outside so only do for a few seconds & repeat until warm NOT hot, this can cause serious injury so we suggest the above method.
  • How do I clean your sex toys?
    Wash with warm, soapy water to get rid of lubricant & human tissue. You can then either put in the dishwasher or soak in hot water. For added sterilisation you may soak in bleach for around 5 minutes, wash in warm soapy water, dry off with kitchen towel or drip're then good to go.
  • What is the country of origin?
    The platinum silicone is manufactured & imported from the USA. Poured & packed in Mainland China. Designed in the UK.
  • How should I store my toy?
    You will receive a free nylon branded bag to store your toy. Or alternatively you may store your silicone toy dry & clean in a plastic container to prevent hairs & debris sticking to it. It's always then ready for action when you are! Store separately away from vinyl toys, the plasticizers used within vinyl can cause the silicone to dissolve.
  • I've heard silicone toys can melt?
    Yes you are correct, keep stored separately using storage bag provided, sometimes a chemical reaction can occur if you store more than one silicone toy that are touching each other. Also using certain oils or silicone lubricant can melt silicone platinum, please always use water based lubricants.
  • How long are your products guaranteed for?
    All our products come with a one year warranty. You can purchase a three year extended warranty or lifetime warranty which is an optional using the drop down menu when placing your order.
  • What firmness is best?
    We offer two choices which are Soft (shore rating A-15) and Medium (shore rating A-20). To get a better understanding of shore ratings please click here.
  • How do I store my toys?
    Silicone toys must be stored separately in protective bags supplied, storing toys together can cause a chemical reaction and may melt the silicone.
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