Adult baby fetish

Adult Babies

In this article we are going to take a brief look at the fetish known as ‘Adult baby’.

Adult baby is another sexual fetish which men and women partake in whereby they they act and dress as if they had returned to being babies again!

At John Thomas Toys we have found that adults who engage in sexual fetishes love our platinum silicone sex toys and incorporate them into their sex games.

Adult baby syndrome is also known as Paraphilic Infantilism and both men and women find enjoyment pretending to be babies while incorporating sexual role playing.

The adult babies may well be very convincing through their behaviour which may include drinking from a babies cup and even wearing nappies and throwing tantrums!

Adult babies are also known to soil and urinate in their nappies and this is liable to all be part of an extensive role play.

Furthermore, during aforementioned role play, participants may behave either very ‘sweet’ and ‘cute’ or may engage in behaviours more akin to BDSM such as humiliation and punishment involving masochistic expressions.

Within the fetish of Adult Baby is also a sub group of practitioners who purely have a nappy (diaper) fetish. Within this group, they do not engage in immature baby-like behaviours but purely use the nappy wearing as vehicle for erotic sex games.

The Adult Baby fetish is clearly not to everyone’s taste and if you en joy it, it may be tricky finding a partner willing to indulge your fantasies. There exist however, online resources to put you in touch with like minded adults.

If you enjoy Adult Baby fetish then you will love to incorporate John Thomas Toys sex toys and adult toys.

Here at John Thomas Toys we have over 50 different adult toys. They are all handcrafted using only the finest medical grade platinum silicone.

Being platinum silicone it means that they are body safe as well as being hypoallergenic.

This cannot be said for cheaper materials traditionally used for adult toys.

Cheaper materials are much more likely to tear and perish, or accumulate potentially harmful bacteria. Platinum silicone is so versatile you can even boil it after use to sterilize it.

Fetish lovers regularly visit John Thomas Toys as we have such a comprehensive range of sex toys. Indeed, at present we have over 50 different platinum silicone toys. Of these, they are all available within 7”, 9”, 12” and 16” sizes. The large and extra large sizes can really be massive silicone dildos.

In addition to the array of designs and different sizes there is also choice in the level of firmness you can opt for.

Super-soft medium is usually the favoured firmness, but there is also Super-soft Firm.

At John Thomas Toys we know that for customers who want to purchase sex toys and adult toys, discretion is of paramount importance. For this reason when you buy for example a large silicone dong or large silicone dildo, you can rest assured that you will only ever be billed in the name ‘JJD Holdings’.

When we process you order your sex toy will be shrink-wrapped and placed in a faux velvet bag before being packaged securely in a thick double walled cardboard box.

The courier label (UK only) will not display where the parcel has originated from and there will be no indication of the contents inside.

The courier within the UK is Parcel Force and they are not permitted to leave the item with anybody other than you.

For added discretion and convenience you may also arrange to have your order delivered to a participating local post office.

To take advantage of the Convenient Collect Post Office service please contact us in advance.

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