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As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, it is imperative for enjoyment and good hygiene that before anal penetration with your partner or with a large silicone dildo that you follow a few key steps. It is recommended that you empty your bowels (go to the toilet) and then thoroughly clean the area. A great way to clean your anus thoroughly is by using an enema.

The word enema refers to the practice of applying liquid into the anus and into the rectum and lower bowel. Enemas have been used medically for many reasons including relieving constipation and are generally a safe means whereby the anus can receive a deep clean.

In some settings enemas have been used purely for sexual arousal and enjoyment in themselves, furthermore they are a means potentially of administering food, water or medicine into the human body. Some people have even used enemas recreationally as means of taking illicit drugs!

Before using an enema it is advisable to do your research as they may not be suitable for everyone plus certain precautions are liable to be necessary to adhere to in order to prevent accident or injury. John Thomas Toys does not endorse anal enemas (or douching) and you incorporate them at your own risk.

Aside from enema equipment which you can purchase prior to use with sex toys such as anal stretchers, you may also benefit from the use of an anal douche. Very similar to an enema, anal douching is another way in which you can clean the anus and remove faecal matter prior to sex. Anal douching provides a less comprehensive clean of your anus and lower bowel compared to an enema but both serve to freshen the area prior to penetration.

Using an enema or douche all have the potential to provoke nausea, diarrhoea or vomiting so please do so carefully if you use these procedures.

Moving on, we mentioned in a previous sex toy article that some butt plugs double as cock rings. There is a specific range of adult toys which incorporate this feature and they are known as ass locks. The clever design of this sex toy means that when you penetrate with your penis the force of movement acts to stimulate you anally too and are great for the P-Spot.

Many sex toy lovers who love anal penetration practice anal fisting. This is only for the experienced adult toy lover and may take much time and practice in order to be able to participate in. If you wish to try anal fisting in the safety of your own time then there is a platinum silicone sex toy from John Thomas Toys which is suitable. It is known as the Extremity and features a hand with two pointing fingers.

Alternatively, there are anal adult toys on the market purely in the form of a clenched fist of which some also incorporate the forearm and may even vibrate. The beauty of John Thomas Toys however, is that aside from being body safe and hypoallergenic, they are O-Ring and Vac-U-Lock compatible.

With this compatibility you can use your platinum silicone sex toy manually or with a harness upon your male or female partner. Furthermore, another way to enjoy your adult toy could be with a suction cup holder. Thereby, your large silicone dildo could potentially be mounted onto the wall for your delectation, just remember to remove it before you have guests over!

Also, the vacuum hole within the complete John Thomas Toys range means they can be used with a compatible sex machine or fucking machine provided the adult toy is not too big or too heavy and that the machine can cope with it.

The final piece of anal equipment we shall touch on now in our brief look at anal adult toys is what is known as a fuck plug. This sex toy is inserted into the anus and then allows penile penetration by holding the anal cavity open. Furthermore, the male can penetrate through the soft textured plug and then enter into their partners deeper areas which achieves a myriad of pleasant sensations for both partners.

The fuck plug can be used simply as an anal stretcher and some couples incorporate it into their BDSM role play as means of humiliation or torture.

However you enjoy your anal sex with sex toys or with your partner’s penis, use plenty of lubricant and remember good hygiene is liable to make the experience much more enjoyable for both parties.

If you engage in anal stretching be gentle with the anus and do not force any sex toy in. If you feel marked discomfort stop what you are doing. We do not recommend the use of anal stretchers for time periods greater than 20 minutes at a time. Furthermore, we advise you give your body plenty of down-time between sessions for it to recover and go back to it’s normal capacity.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the use of John Thomas Toys for anal use please do not hesitate to contact us.

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