Anililagnia - Younger men desiring older women

The never ending list of weird and wonderful sexual fetishes resumes again today! Some sex toy loving men who enjoy large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos may find this next article something they can relate too!

Today, we are looking at a sexual fetish called Anililagnia. If this sexual fetish was given a more memorable name we think we would all immediately know what we are talking about!

Essentially, this term refers to the sexual attraction of younger men to older women.

The notion of younger men with older women has traditionally been referred to in popular culture as when a woman has a ‘Toy Boy’.

There are many reasons why young men may be sexually excited at the prospect of a rendezvous with an older woman. We shall look at some of these explanations within the next portions of this article.

The first explanation of this sexual fetish has to do with how older women may be perceived by a younger man. If a young sex toy loving male has not had many sexual conquests aside from using his platinum silicone dong or other adult toys (which doesn’t really count!) then he may see an older woman as someone who could teach him how to have sex.

It may be that the male in question has been with women his own age but found that they were comparatively inexperienced and were not able to communicate their needs nor please him sexually.

Some younger heterosexual men find the concept of having sex with an older woman a turn on because women in their 40’s as opposed to those in the 20’s are said to have a much higher libido (sex drive).

It is likely that a woman in her 40’s who has had many sexual partners is adroit at pleasing a man. Furthermore, an older woman may be more willing to allow the younger man to penetrate her anally if that is one of his fantasies.

Some men who enjoy sex toys and adult toys when they masturbate fantasise about being with a powerful older woman who will sexually control and dominate them. They may have fantasies (akin to those in BDSM role play) whereby they want to be – consensually- used and abused by the older woman.

Their idea of sexual gratification is by being tied up and spanked. Alternatively, it may involve them being positioned on a bondage bench and then the older woman penetrating them anally with a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

Some younger men like the idea of being with an older woman if she is financially solvent as it means they can take it easy and have all their bills paid for. All they potentially have to do is look after themselves and make themselves look as handsome and attractive as possible and otherwise say yes to her every demand!

While the attraction for older women may be purely sexual it could possibly be convenient as we mentioned regarding being “looked after” either financially or perhaps emotionally. Some younger men are sexually attracted to older women because their own mother has been either absent or neglectful.

If an older woman is in a powerful career position – such as CEO of a company – then that may be seen as a major aphrodisiac to some younger men. Particularly if they wish to proceed in their careers and see that the woman could help them in their ambitions!

Aside from the attraction purely coming from the younger men, there is also an attraction the other way.

Some older women desire to be with younger men sexually. It may be that this is their preference because men of their own age do not look as good physically. Also, young men (such as those in their early 20’s) are at there most virile. Therefore an older woman who is at her sexual peak may wish to be with her male equivalent so she can gain more sexual satisfaction – that is when she isn’t using her large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

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