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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

At John Thomas Toys we pride ourselves on our quality platinum silicone dongs, dildos, butt plugs and anal stretchers. They are all made using the finest medical grade platinum silicone materials. Consequently, they are body safe, non-porous, stain resistant, hypoallergenic and highly durable.

Men and women use our sex toys regularly either alone during some solo time for masturbation, or with their sexual partner. Our adult toys are great if used by hand, alternatively, being so adaptable, they can be used with a compatible harness. Our adult toys are both vac-u-lock as well as O-Ring compatible.

If you do not wish to mount the sex toy on a harness or use it handheld, then another great way to get the benefits of using a sex toy is by introducing a compatible sex machine into the proceedings! Sex machines do not get tired and want to fall asleep half way through your sexual play time.

Irrespective of how you get the most from your platinum silicone dong of choice, it is worth noting that regular use of a sex toy for the purpose of sexual arousal and orgasm is great for your health.

In this article we are initially going to look at some of the ways in which women are liable to benefit from self pleasure or orgasm in general with their favourite large silicone dong or other platinum silicone dildo.

The first way in which women may potentially benefit from reaching their sexual climax with a platinum silicone dong or large silicone dildo, is that it is liable to boost their immune system. Evidence from medical professionals supports the belief that women who have regular sex - either with their partner or through the use of adult toys or sex toys are more likely to be healthier. This is in comparison to other women who have less sex or who do not use platinum silicone dongs to pleasure themselves.

Studies have found that women who regularly masturbate with sex toys and reach orgasm (or achieve orgasm with their partner) have more antibodies in their bloodstream. An antibody is a protein made by the blood plasma cells which is the first line of defence against bacterial and viral infections. If that isn’t a strong recommendation to get your adult toy out more often then we don't know what is!

What is staggering, is that some research doesn’t just suggest that immune systems were ever so slightly improved – we are talking over 30% and that is truly significant – especially if you are the type of person who is commonly ill and does not regularly use a sex toy or adult toy for self pleasure.

Another benefit of regular sex with your partner or huge silicone dildo, is that regularly reaching orgasm is potentially going to increase your pain threshold. This is great news because then if the odd accident or injury befalls you, then you will be able to take it more in your stride and not have to turn to painkillers!

Regular orgasms are believed to be a great way to help keep your heart healthy and if doing something which feels amazing is going to make you live longer then it is a no brainer!

For many women it is appealing to them if they feel that they have a sense of control or regularity in regard to their monthly menstrual cycle. Irregular periods can cause anxiety and worry and can have an impact on daily plans. Regular sex and orgasm with a platinum silicone dong or with their partner is believed to be a great way at helping to make periods more regular. In addition, orgasm and sexual penetration has been shown to be an effective means to reduce the effect of menstrual cramps meaning again there is less need to pop pain killers.

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