Breast Fetish

We are resuming looking at weird and wonderful sexual fetishes again today and following our look at breast milk fetish yesterday, now we are looking at breast fetish in general.

Sex toy lovers or adult toy lovers who are attracted to women are highly likely to be drawn to the breasts.

If you are attracted to women then one of the first things which you will notice in a female which you are sexually interested in will likely be her breasts.

Bosoms, cleavage, a rack, these are all slang terms for a woman’s breasts and traditionally they are an area of a woman’s body which have been lusted over and portrayed as important and desirable.

A woman’s breasts to some are seen as an indicator of their fertility, so it may be that some men are drawn to them because they believe they will mother healthy children. Alternatively men and women who are attracted to women may feel that the woman’s breasts and possibly their size are indicative of how sexually exciting they will be in the bedroom.

Breasts have been an object of sexual desire since the birth of the human race.

Breasts nourish new born children with breast milk and are a highly erogenous area for the woman during sex, or for their partner if they are massaging or otherwise touching the area.

If you have a breast fetish then your primary focus is on a woman’s breasts. It may be that a woman’s breasts size or shape is the number one factor which determines whether you want to initiate sexual contact with that person.

Adult toy loving men and women who enjoy platinum silicone dildos such as large silicone dongs are invariably drawn to women’s breasts.

In the UK for a long time we have been conditioned to admire and ‘ogle’ women’s breasts in part due to their portrayal in the media e.g. Page 3 of The Sun.

Some people are just drawn to breasts so they may solely fantasize about that area. Indeed they may show little or no interest in the vagina or other parts of the woman’s anatomy. Some men fantasize about or endeavor to initiate sexual stimulation of their penis within a woman’s breasts by her pushing them together.

Some adult toy loving breast fetishists may be particularly aroused when they engage in motor-boating with their female partner. This act is achieved when the sex toy lover places his or her face in their partner’s cleavage and rubs their face from side to side at speed.

A woman’s breasts are a very powerful part of her anatomy. Women know the effect that they can have on heterosexual men or lesbian women and as a consequence they are often emphasised.

Some sex toy loving women display their cleavage prominently and leave little to the imagination. Whereas as other are more discreet.

If a woman has breasts which are deemed by society to be too big or too small then she may feel pressure to conform and undergo elective surgery although there are some inherent risks associated.

Some breast fetishists are looking for women with the biggest breasts possible whether they are natural or surgically enhanced.

Some women sex toy lovers have taken breast surgery to incredible lengths and have left themselves barely able to walk due to all the weight they are carrying as a consequence.

Those with a breast fetish are liable to enjoy the feeling of breast tissue or the touching or sucking of nipples which are liable to become erect following stimulation.

Some men and women particularly enjoy sucking on breasts whether this is purely erotic or a regression to when they were breastfed as babies is unclear.

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