Chest and Suspender Harnesses

If you have purchased your sex toy from John Thomas Toys then the next thing you are going to want to do is try it out! Remove the adult toy from it’s thick double walled cardboard box and underneath all the protective packaging you will find your item within a plush faux velvet bag.

Inside this bag is your item which is in bubble wrap and a factory sealed shrink wrap. Remove the shrink wrap and you will immediately be taken back by the sheer quality of the medical grade platinum silicone dildo you have received.

You will notice the ultra high definition detail which was achieved in the copper molding process and you will realize that a lot of time and effort has gone into the creation of your new sex toy.

While your new platinum silicone adult toy may be used manually (solo masturbation) it may also be used by your partner upon you or vice versa. Furthermore, if you are interested you may purchase a harness whereby the sex toy can be attached and either of you can use it for penetration.

In order to use your John Thomas Toys product with a harness you will be pleased to know that is is O-Ring and Vac-U-Lock compatible. The majority of mainstream harnesses will allow attachment by these means.

There are a variety of harnesses on the market and John Thomas Toys stock a complimentary range here:

The first harness within our range is the Chest and Suspender Harness (with plug). This harness is produced by Doc Johnson and incorporates their Vac-U-Lock attachment system plus it has the ability to attach a suitable sex toy via the included silicone O-Rings which come in three different sizes for the customer’s convenience.

The Chest and Suspender Harness is suitable for men or women to wear with their adult toys. It can be worn provided your waist is no greater than 69” and comes complete with suspender straps. When choosing which sex toy to mount on your harness please bare in mind the specifications. John Thomas Toys produce sex toys in 4 different sizes. It is liable that the small 7” and medium 9” adult toys will be perfect for your intended use. However, the large silicone dildos and extra large silicone dongs we sell may be too big or too heavy. If you have any health issues it is possible that they will be unsuitable as platinum silicone weighs a lot particularly in the jumbo silicone dong forms. If in doubt study the specifications of each sex toy prior to purchase.

Indeed, it may be that for a number of reasons the sex toy you purchase is not a good match for your and your partner. If the weight is too much then the adult toy may be uncomfortable to wear for any considerable duration of time. Furthermore, a sex toy which is too big (e.g. circumference) then it may not be suitable for back and forth penetration if indeed you can penetrate with it at all! If in doubt build up slowly with your sex toy of choice. If you are using your harness for anal penetration anal plugs are a great way to train the anal muscles so they can subsequently accept a large silicone dong.

A huge silicone dildo such as our 16” versions could potentially cause lower back problems if worn on a harness so please be careful. Usage of John Thomas Toys adult products have the potential to cause injury and you use them at your own risk.

The Chest and Suspender Harness boasts straps which are removable and positionable in different areas. This enables you to both achieve the desired aesthetic plus what feels most comfortable when you are penetrating your partner.

The harnesses have ‘sexy cross-back and chest straps’ coupled with an ‘open back’ hip design.

For your comfort, they have been made with cushioned neoprene to support you without any discomfort.

The main beauty of this harness is that any vac-u-lock compatible sex toy such as a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo could potentially be used with it.

The Chest and Suspender Harness comes complete with a vac-u-lock plug, but we would advise that you use Vac-U-Lock powder or an equivalent high quality corn starch with the plug to facilitate application and removal of your sex toy.

N.B John Thomas Toys have a specially designed vacuum hole within each one for the vac-u-lock plug to slide inside. We do not produce Vac-U-Lock adult toys they are made separately by Doc Johnson.

All our sex toys are body safe and phthalate free.


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