Clothing Fetish

In today’s article we are briefly looking at items of clothing traditionally associated with sexual arousal. These commonly include leather, pvc and rubber.

If you have a fetish for leather, pvc or rubber then you will either highly enjoy wearing these types of apparel, or watching your partner wearing them. Quite why heightened sexual arousal occurs is debatable but it often because these clothes are skin tight and thus help to emphasise the natural contours of the body.

Many adults with clothes fetishes love using silicone dildos and silicone dongs to further enhance their enjoyment. Platinum silicone sex toys are great for anal and vaginal penetration and stimulation of the clitoris.

When used in conjunction with tight PVC or rubber outfits, sex toys can be another great addition to your box of tricks to stimulate yourself and your partner.

Many people who love the fetish materials above are especially aroused by the very distinct smells they have or by the feel of them or their look. In addition they are liable to enjoy the preparatory ritual needed to get inside a latex suit such as covering your body with talcum powder.

If you practice BDSM then the wearing of these types of material is commonplace. There is a spectrum of users again, from the newbie who might wear a leather pair of trousers to the expert who wears a full leather gimp suit and mask.

It is of interest to know that to be “clinically” defined as having a sexual fetish it would have to be established that only a certain material e.g. PVC was able to illicit a sexual response within you.

Items of clothing which are suitable as a clothing fetish made of the aforementioned materials vary a great deal. There can be skirts, stockings, corsets, underwear or jeans to name just a few.

Clothing fetishes have been popularised by their appearance in contemporary media such as the film Mr and Mrs Smith or the popular book (and film) 50 Shades of Grey.

The next time you choose to dress up for your partner why not introduce a John Thomas Toy sex toy? We have a comprehensive range of over 50 different designs and they are all in the reassuring body safe medical grade platinum silicone.

From small to jumbo silicone dildos we offer the lot. Our silicone dildos are both traditional penis designs while others are fantasy and mythical creature phallic dongs.

Being vac-u-lock compatible they can be used with compatible harnesses and sex machines. If you enjoy bondage play (with leather or pvc) then adding a large silicone dong which is powered by a thrusting sex machine can drive your partner wild as it penetrates tirelessly.

John Thomas Toys offer a free next working day delivery service within the UK and offer a completely discreet shopping experience.

If you are new to adult toys and in particular to large silicone dongs then please start off with the smaller toys as you body needs to adjust before it can safely accommodate the jumbo silicone dongs.

Many anal stretching enthusiasts love our silicone stretchers which at 12” and 16” respectively can give you an immense feeling and create an amazing anal gape.

Always use plenty of lubricant in conjunction with our sex toys and clean thoroughly after use.

John Thomas Toys offers a friendly and safe platform for all your adult toy needs and you can purchase at ease. Please refer to our McAfee Secure and Norton Shopping Guarantee banners prominently displayed on our website.

If you have any questions regarding John Thomas Toys platinum silicone adult toys please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly members of staff will efficiently assist you.

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