Cuckold – wife watching

In this next article we continue our look at weird and wonderful sexual fetishes of which those who enjoy platinum silicone dongs may be interested in.

The next topic is known as Cuckold. Another name for this fetish is wife watching. As you can possibly anticipate this has something to do with observing your partner (or wife).

Perhaps a majority of couples of all orientations - once committed and settled long term - are unlikely to want to have relations with other people. However this is not necessarily the rule for everyone. Indeed, there are enough examples of couples who have “open” relationships whereby they remain committed to each other however they are allowed to have sex with other people.

Having sex with a 3rd party even if your partner is aware of it, is not something which many couples can achieve. It is the perfect environment for jealousy and inferiority and insecurity which are likely to lead to the cessation of the relationship.

Despite this, there are those who somehow seem to manage it. Presumably it has something to do with their own unique psychology which in some how differs from the norm.

Regardless, some sex toy loving couples do openly have sex with others. The conditions in which this occurs may be in situations such as a wife-swapping party where like-minded individuals gather and change partners for the night.

If you are in a relationship and yet you choose to endorse or otherwise encourage your significant other to engage in sex with someone else it may be because you have the sexual fetish of Cuckold.

In this fetish, that which arouses you is seeing your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner etc in the arms of someone else. You are liable to find it wholly erotic to see your partner pleasing and being pleased by someone else.

It is possible that at some level there is an element of voyeurism, whereby the watching partner feels they are secretly watching what is going on and that no-one else is aware of their presence.

Alternatively it may be that the sex toy loving member of the couple who is being intimate with another person is the equally enjoying the experience. They may not necessarily be enjoying the 3rd party pleasing them per se, but rather the effect it is able to illicit in their partner. They may enjoy watching their partner become aroused at the sight of them being pleasured. Another take on this could be that the partner who is witnessing what is going on is using it as a means of self-humiliation of the kind associated in a BDSM role play.

If a man likes to watch his partner being “unfaithful” he is called a Cuckold. If the woman likes to watch her partner then she is said to be a Cuckoldress

Some couples who enjoy sex toys may want to keep the notion of this infidelity fetish within the realms of fantasy in their homes. They then however at a later date, may be driven to experience it in reality. This could potentially be something which they enjoy or that which ends things forever.

Some people argue that the fetish for watching your partner being unfaithful may arouse you as it in some way transforms your fear into something sexual almost in a masochist manner. It may be that you are so insecure within your relationship that promoting the idea means you have some control over the situation and you are no longer afraid once you have been exposed to it. Therefore, for some at least it may be a liberating detaching experience which frees you. Others have argued that people choose to do it as they are in some way already suffering on a personal level and it may help to force their attention somewhere else.

All very interesting territory.

In the interest of you maintaining a healthy relationship it is advisable to keep such sexual fetishes as merely those of fantasy. Once you have broken the fidelity within your relationship (whether it is consensual or not) it will never be the same and you have possibly the sewn the seeds which result in a break up.

If you choose to keep this fetish as a fantasy then why not role-play whereby you or your partner pretend to be someone else and if you want to make things really interesting, introduce some sex toys or adult toys. John Thomas Toys have got an awesome range of platinum silicone dildos, dongs, butt plugs and anal stretchers. All of which are medical grade and body safe.

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