In this article we are going to take a little delve into the world of dogging. Some of us may not be familiar with this activity whereas for others it may be a regular occurrence.

The term dogging is the name given to performing sex acts either in public or in a semi-public place. An example of dogging in a public place may be on a hot summers day you find a couple getting more than just a little frisky at your local park. Alternatively they may be down to business at a beach. An example of semi-public dogging would presumably be for example having sex with your partner but leaving the lights on and the curtains open at night!

Dogging is not for everyone. One would imagine you would have to have balls of steel to participate or just simply not care a great deal about getting caught or about what others perceived about your behaviour.

Predominantly within the mind of a practised ‘dogger’ is the sexual high or rush of being caught, of being watched. Indeed, being watched does serve as a serious aphrodisiac to many people.

Quite why is down to psychologists to confirm, but one imagines it’s to do with enjoying an audience. Perhaps you are so confident in your body and your sexual prowess you want other people to shower you with praise.

There have been some research was has suggested that for some ‘doggers’ they are unable to e.g. maintain an erection, unless they are being watched by total strangers!

Furthermore, we have also heard anecdotal reports of ‘doggers’ regularly meeting up in public car parks and lay-bys to put on a show for unsuspecting passers by.

Dogging hot spots are liable to attract voyeurs who love to watch. Some voyeurs are known to not only enjoy watching but be keen to participate provided all other parties are happy!

You do have to be careful if you enjoy dogging as you could potentially land yourself in trouble with the police. Being caught having sex is public is deemed offensive and you can be arrested. In addition dogging with strangers could be dangerous to your health especially if you are not practising safe sex.

The liberation and thrill of dogging undoubtedly drives its participants to repeat their behaviour.

One thing is for sure, if you are interested in dogging or you enjoy practising it then you will have a healthy sex drive also known as libido.

With a healthy sex drive comes the relevancy of John Thomas Toys. We offer a fantastic range of sex toys and adult toys suitable for men and women of every persuasion.

We currently have over 50 designs in our sex toys range. All of our adult toys are handcrafted and made with copper molds. We also utilise cutting edge 3D printing and computer imaging technology.

All our silicone dildos are available in 4 different sizes-7” (small), 9” (medium), 12” (large), 16” (extra large). As you can imagine the 12” and 16” in particular are massive silicone dongs.

We also offer a choice of firmness for your sex toy which are Supersoft Medium and Supersoft Firm. Most customers prefer the medium option. The effectiveness of very soft adult toys is deemed obsolete and hence we do not offer them.

Perhaps next time you participate in dogging you may want to take one of our large silicone dongs with you? Unlike dogging our service is totally discreet both in billing and delivery.

Because sexual health plays such a positive role in maintaining our general sense of well-being John Thomas Toys are great adult toys to have.

Being medical grade platinum silicone, they are totally safe large silicone dongs. Furthermore they are hypoallergenic and have been produced with environmentally friendly considerations.

We do not allow the use of cheaper inferior materials in the production of our massive silicone dongs, or indeed any of our range, as they have been linked with various problems including transmission of STI’s and serious health conditions. N.B All our products are pthalate free.

Platinum silicone is highly durable and if you look after your toy there is no reason it cannot last a lifetime.

Whether you are drawn to anal dongs or silicone dildos to stimulate the vagina, clitoris or g-spot we have something which will compliment your body perfectly.

John Thomas Toys have over 15 years experience in the adult toy industry and pride ourselves on our commitment to delivery quality in terms of product and customer service.

If you have any comments or questions, our team would love to hear from you. Until then keep dogging but be considerate who your audience might be and stay safe.

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