Feederism – over eating fetish

We are continuing our look at fetishes which adult toy lovers may find interesting. Regardless of whether you are into a large silicone dong or massive silicone dildo this might temporarily catch your attention.

Today we begin by looking at what is known as Feederism. This sexual fetish is when a person is sexually attracted to or aroused by another adult who is overweight or obese.

There are variations within this fetish. For example, there are those individuals, possibly sex toy lovers, who prefer their sexual partners to be overweight and that is sufficient for there to be enough attraction to warrant sexual interest.

Alternatively, there are some adults who do not necessarily find their overweight partners attractive per se, but rather it is the notion that they are deliberately facilitating them to gain extra weight over time.

Means whereby weight can be gained, is through encouragement of over eating with highly calorific meals.

Some adult toy lovers seem to just love the notion of a well padded frame and are liable to be very aroused watching an obese adult gorging themselves with food.

The sex toy lovers are liable to wholly enjoy and appreciate all the extra padding upon the body of the obese partner and coerce them to indulge further to appease their fantasies.

Some researchers believe that the origins of feederism fetish is due to adult toy lovers rejecting societies conditioning of what should and should not be deemed attractive in terms of body image.

Furthermore research has also shown that some sex toy lovers may find underweight adult’s bodies preferential compared to someone of the correct body mass index.

Within the realm of this body weight and body image fetish, it may be that the sex toy lover who is gaining weight may themselves find the whole experience arousing. Therefore, the more weight they gain the more confident and sexual they feel about themselves.

Alternatively, there are those adults who prefer to just play the role of helping to maintain weight gain in their partner and they find this very exciting and stimulating.

Some adults say that they see their sex toy loving partner as more cuddly “like a teddy bear” and their changing body makes them feel a heightened level of safety and security. It may be that they want their partner to gain weight from a primitive stand point of wanting to feel safe. Possibly once that secure base point has been enabled, sexual feelings are then expressed as a consequence.

In is interesting to know that of the people who gain weight to arouse themselves or who feed up their partners to achieve the same ends, very few of them want the end result to be that they become so overweight to no longer be able to move around and in effect become housebound or bedridden.

Some people who enjoy gaining weight or encouraging others to do so consider their behaviours as being an expression of who they are, and how they are oriented sexually. In addition they are liable to believe that it just represents their chosen way to live.

Men and women regardless of sexual orientation are drawn to participate in this very different fetish.

As a responsible sex toy retailer we must state that deliberately gaining weight for the purpose of becoming obese is liable to have long term health consequences, not least it could potentially effect the functioning of your heart and cause premature death.

Some psychologists argue that sex toy loving adults may deliberately over feed their partners in an attempt to control them. It may be that they feel very insecure within their relationships so if they cause weight gain in the partner then they anticipate others will find them less attractive and consequently they will be less likely to find someone to be adulterous with.

Alternatively, overfeeding a partner is liable to make them less active and mobile and more likely to stay home and therefore less likely to stray!

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