Flavoured lubricants

For those of you that like your lubricant to be more than just functional then this article may be of interesting reading.

Essentially sexual lubricant is used by men and women for penetration purposes. Although the vagina self lubricates during sexual arousal there are times when it can dry up somewhat. In addition, the anus cannot self lubricate so always needs a good lubricant applied before penetration of any kind.

John Thomas Toys provide a free 4oz tub of quality lubricant with every large silicone dildo or jumbo silicone dong they sell which is body safe, easy to clean and effective. You will receive a variety made from blended coconut oil in their Boy Butter Original formula.

Other sexual lubricants which exist on the market cater for individuals who enjoy sex either with their partner or with a sex toy or adult toy, but they also want something that tastes great too!

It may be that with the introduction of a nice flavor that the man or woman is able to gain greater comfort and pleasure from performing oral sex on their partner.

Alternatively, if a large silicone dong is covered in a fruit flavor partners may enjoy licking it to arouse each other.

Flavored lubricants can make sex and sex play great fun. There is a huge variety of different flavors on the market depending on your pallet. Fruity flavors, minty or chocolate whatever you can imagine is likely to be available nowadays.

If you are using a flavored lubricant with a condoms or adult toys such as large silicone dongs, check to ensure they are compatible as in some cases lubricants can be detrimental to condoms or over time degrade expensive large silicone dildos.

In addition to flavored lubes there are also warming and tingling lubes. These are not for everyone but can produce incredible sensations to the receptive couple.

The best thing about flavored and tingling/warming lubricants is that they help to make sex with your partner less serious and more fun. It is easy to get uptight about sexual performance etc and with a fruit flavored lube you’ve certainly got a great ice breaker.

Whichever lubricant you go for, as long as it is safe and allergy free then you are free to enjoy it. Do please consider whether the lubricant could have a negative effect on your large silicone dong. This is relevant if for example you used a silicone based lubricant and it wore down the surface of your John Thomas Toys dildo then in the event of a warranty claim this would invalidate it as the fault would not be a manufacturers one.

For your convenience we stock a range of personal lubricants which are great with our sex toys and they can be viewed here:

Anal stretchers need lot of lubricant but please never use a lubricant which can numb the anus as yoo could inadvertently injure yourself without realizing.

John Thomas Toys have over 15 years experience in the adult toy industry offer innovative and quality durable, body safe sex toys.

We would love to hear your comments and questions so please get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

All our products come with a 365 day no quibble return policy – terms and conditions apply.

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