Fur Fetishism

Some sexual fetishes are really quite off the wall and there is liable to not be that many lovers of sex toys or adult toys who are drawn to them at all. There are also those which are quite mainstream thanks to the likes of 50 Shades of Grey – therefore there is a large audience of platinum silicone dong enthusiasts who love nothing more than having their partner spank and discipline them.

We have covered rare sexual fetishes as well as those which are common place such as people with a foot fetish. Today we are looking at another fetish which relates to clothing. Previously we have come across those individuals who are sexually aroused by leather garments.

Adults who enjoy sex toys in conjunction with their BDSM role play are often attracted to the smell, look and texture of real leather. Alternatively, there are those sex toy lovers who love nothing more than being in PVC. Indeed, their idea of heaven is an ultra tight PVC skirt or trousers which leaves nothing to the imagination.

Clothing garments are a great visual and sensual prop to a lot of people’s sexual enjoyment.

Today we are looking at those that have a sexual fetish for fur.

Fur feels elegant and expensive and many lovers of adult toys or sex toys love nothing more than making love while laying down on a fur rug in front of an open fire.

For those that are aroused by fur, there are various expressions of this material which sex toy lovers may use. At a basic level it is quite common for simple bondage toy equipment such as handcuffs to often be covered in fur. Here the fur acts to soften the harshness of the cuffs which are going to restrain and bind your partner while you pleasure them – perhaps with a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

If you enjoy any form of animal role playing fetish then an accessory often used is a platinum silicone butt plug with a furry end which protrudes from your rear. This helps to create the illusion that you or you adult toy loving partner are real cats, dogs or horses!

If you are particularly drawn to this sexual fetish, then it may be that you purposely choose underwear made from fur.

Fur lovers are liable to be wholly aroused by the feel of fur upon their nipples or genital region.

During masturbation such as with a platinum silicone dong or massive silicone dildo, some sex toy lovers enjoy stroking a piece of fur or running their hands through it.

An alternative way in which fur fetishists engage with fur is by wearing full fur suits. In this manner, the sex toy lover may be dressing up an animal such as those we suggested earlier. Alternatively, it may be that donning the fur suit enables them to role play as if they were a stuffed toy.

Within sexual fetishes, it is apparent that there is often a great deal of crossover. Within this sexual fetish there is no exception.

Some fur fetishists like to role play as if they were eskimos and donning a full fur suit enables this. They can then proceed to rub noses before they get down to some serious play with their platinum silicone dongs or other equivalent adult toys.

Many fur fetishists like nothing more than wearing a luxurious fur coat. Nothing strange about this perhaps you are thinking?! However, the twist is they like to wear it with absolutely nothing on underneath!

Indeed, it is not uncommon for some fur fetishists to go outside in public wearing just a fur coat. They may then find their sexual partner and upon a suitable private moment, proceed to “flash them the goods” and therefore initiate sex with them possibly in conjunction with a sex toy or adult toy according to their personal tastes.

If you enjoy fur fetishism please use fake furs so no animals have to die for your fun.


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