History of sex toys (10)

Yesterday we looked at the adult toys known generically as rabbit vibrators. They have been a popular sex toy for women for over 30 years because of the variation of stimulation they are able to produce within the user.

Continuing in our look at the origin of sex toys which platinum silicone dildo connoisseurs will likely be interested in, we return today. Next we will be looking at one which we have to honour and that is the humble dildo.

Long before the large silicone dildos or jumbo silicone dongs of today there were very crude original dildos. Here we intend to look back at how they originated.

By definition, a dildo is a sex toy also referred to as an adult toy. Historically dildos were shaped to look like a penis and were designed to be used to insert into the vagina and/or the anus.

Incidentally if you are interested in trying a sex toy for penetrative purposes a John Thomas platinum silicone dong is a great starting place.

John Thomas have over 50 different designs, all of which are available in 4 exciting sizes. Furthermore, each of the designs has been tailored for it’s specific use. Some are better for vaginal penetration, while others are more suited to anal play. In addition some are large silicone dongs purely for anal stretching. We also have a range of anal toys geared to plug the anus known as butt plugs.

All John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dildos, dongs, stretchers and butt plugs are made of durable body safe medical grade platinum silicone which is also hypoallergenic and non-porous.

Dildos were created in their infancy for use either alone during masturbation or with a partner. Generally dildos have been made of a variety of materials but the nature of the intended purpose meant that they could not be too soft otherwise they would be very difficult to insert within the body.

Both early dildos and contemporary ones often resembled an erect penis and were traditionally made in standard sizes as a substitute for a real penis.

If you are not in a sexual relationship then the use of adult toys such as platinum silicone dildos means that you can still enjoy vaginal or anal penetration. Today’s platinum silicone dildos can even be mounted upon compatible sex machines (also known as fucking machines). Attached to a sex machine, your masturbation can be taken to new heights. Indeed, you can set the machine up to penetrate at a set depth. Furthermore, if you have invested in a good machine, you can also stipulate your desired penetration speed. Some sex machines can have a platinum silicone dildo mounted upon them and then be programmed to penetrate you are every increasing frequencies whilst allowing a variation in force.

Consequently in the absence of a sexual partner one can still enjoy the thrills of penetration anally, vaginally or both simultaneously.

Early dildo pioneers did not however have the luxury of a sex machine whereby they could bring their dildo adult toy to life!

Dildos are used by men and women of all sexual orientations. Aside from being used handheld or attached to a sex machine, they can also be attached to a harness. Wearing a harness with a dildo attached means the user can penetrate their partner anally or vaginally.

When both partners are female then this enables hitherto unachievable penetration. Some men still wear harnessed dildos to either carry a more sizeable offering to their partner. It may be that they themselves feel inadequately endowed or their parter desires greater stimulation than they are able to produce naturally.

Furthermore, dildos are worn on harnesses by men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Wearing these adult toys enables them to penetrate their partners and bring them to the verge of orgasm. At this point the sex toy can be removed and their own penis inserted allowing both parties to reach climax simultaneously.

Some suffers of erectile dysfunction – a condition whereby a man finds it hard to achieve or maintain an erection – also employ the use of platinum silicone dildos attached to harnesses. This way they can still penetrate, arouse and satisfy their partner.

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