History of sex toys (12)

We are currently looking pertinently at the history of the most common sex toy known as the dildo. Dildos are also known as dongs and are a very popular historical adult toy used by men and women for a variety of purposes.

The dildo can penetrate the vagina simulating penile entry. Furthermore, the dildo can be used to enter the anus or nowadays dildos exist which can penetrate both orifices at the same time. They can be used handheld upon your self, with a partner, or attached to a harness or fucking machine (also known as sex machine or fuck machine).

As human beings we are governed largely by primal motivations such as hunger, thirst, sleep and fight or flight. We are also driven sexually due to the hormones within our body. Therefore it is of little surprise that men and women have desired and created sex toys as a means to satisfy their innate desires for thousands of years.

Yesterday we left off looking at the requirements of a suitable adult toy in the form of a dildo. Other than those that we hitherto mentioned, the material would also need to be sufficiently firm. If the dildo was too soft it would create great difficulty trying to insert it into the anus or vagina.

Aside from dildos which were created thousands of years ago for solo use, double headed dildos were found which are between 13,000 to 19,000 years old. This is a classic example of how sex toys existed and were used between couples, potentially in this example by two women.

It appears that many materials have been experimented with for their suitability as a sex toy in the form of a dildo including surprising uses of plants and even breadsticks in Ancient Greece.

As we mentioned, early dildos were often made of wood or stone and indeed they are still available today, however the dildo material of choice nowadays is medical grade platinum silicone. John Thomas Toys, only ever use this material as our priority is on being body safe for the consumer. Furthermore, platinum silicone is body safe unlike other materials which has been used in the adult toy industry even within the last decade.

Evidence of early dildos have been found in the burials of our ancestors, indeed 15th Century Chinese women were often found to have them inside their graves – possibly in case they needed them, were they to incarnate into another female body in the future!

As we mentioned dildos need to be made of a safe material which is not going to cause injury, infection or disease. Early glass dildos would have to be very carefully made and of a high quality as obviously if they cracked inside the anus or vagina it would be most unpleasant!

About 37,000 years ago it is believed that dildos were not only used as adult toys, but also as a tool to worship the Gods of the time. In particular in Hindu countries such as Pakistan.

Dildos as sex toys have been referenced throughout historical literature which include descriptions of wooden dildos in the 19th Century.

Aside from purely being used for anal or vaginal penetration, dildos have also been used for other purposes of sexual arousal. These include stimulation of the perineum, clitoris and breasts. They are also a means whereby one partner can arouse the other through for example placing the sex toy in their mouth insinuating what they would do to their partner’s penis.

With increasing technology and scientific discoveries dildos have been able to be produced out of a myriad of materials. Size, shape, colour, texture have all also been able to be represented in different ways.

While early dildos made of stone for example would have felt cold and unrealistic, nowadays they can achieve a highly similar aesthetic look to a real penis. Furthermore, the materials available can mimic the feel and touch or a genuine penis. Therefore, the user feels like they are holding an actual penis which can make their enjoyment heightened. NB they are not using some lifeless item they are using something which highly resembles a muscular blood filled erect penis. Medical grade platinum silicone can even be placed in warm water prior to insertion to make the sensation even more genuine.

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