History of sex toys (13)

We are looking at the origin of some of the most well known and well loved sex toys also referred to as adult toys. We are currently looking at the dildo.

We mentioned that they can be used for anal or vaginal penetration or stimulation of other erogenous areas. In addition, they are a useful tool if you enjoy sexual fetishes. Indeed, for example practitioners of Puppy Fetish are liable to wear a dildo which resembles a dogs penis. Not only does this allow them to look more the part, they can use the appendage to penetrate their partner. Some of these dildos can also be used in their own right as a male masturbator.

Some men and women use dildos for oral penetration and they are likely to feature heavily as a means of foreplay. Practitioners of BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism) may also use dildos as they can help to facilitate dominance and submission within their partner.

An example of this could be in a mock dungeon or torture chamber. Here the dominant partner is liable to bind their submissive partner and restrain them e.g. against a wall or on a bondage table. From here they could then either tease their partner with a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dong or they could use it to push into their mouth’s to humiliate them. Punishment could be achieved by penetrating them with the large silicone dildo either by hand or via a compatible sex harness. Another alternative would be to attach the platinum silicone dildo to a sex machine or fucking machine. It is imperative that you check that the harness or sex machine can handle the weight and size of the platinum silicone dildo you intend to use it with.

If for example you intend to use with a sex machine, it would need to not only be able to hold the weight of the sex toy, but it would need to be able to thrust it back and forth with sufficient force that it could penetrate you or your partner anally or vaginally. Not only that it would need to be able to achieve that without negatively degrading mechanical components!#

As we have looked at in these articles on dildos, they are often made to please two people simultaneously. We have identified that men and women can also wear dildos with harnesses. When a woman has a harness to penetrate her male partner it is a practice known as pegging.

When attaching a dildo they have traditionally only been fitted to the groin area. However, these days you can get an adult toy in the form of a dildo which can be worn attached to the thigh or even the head! Furthermore, with the addition of a suction cup, the adult toy can be mounted on a flat surface such as a table, wall or shower. Thereby the user can masturbate upon it hands free.

As sex toys such as dildos have become more acceptable and the adult toy industry has boomed, variation in dildos has increased. While dildos can be purchased cheaply, there are also those which are covered in expensive jewels making them both desirable for fashion as well as sexual health and well-being.

As we mentioned previously, John Thomas Toys only produce platinum silicone dildos as this material is durable and body safe. Over the last 80 years however a variety of other materials have emerged aside from those traditionally used such as wood and stone.

In the 1940’s vulcanised rubber was invented and was used to create dildos among other things such as rubber tires. These dildos however, often featured a spring inside them to help keep them stiff. Unfortunately, the use of rubber often lead to problems due to it perishing and subsequently injuries were caused. The need for more durable materials was apparent which lead to the experimentation with plastics and rubbers. In the next article we will look at their use and evolution.

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