Fortunately in the UK and many other countries around the world it is illegal to own a handgun. In the USA however it is perfectly legal according to your second ammendment to bear arms.

We continue today looking at weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which sex toy enthusiasts may find curious to hear about. So whether you enjoy a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo read on.

Hoplophilia is a sexual fetish for firearms and guns. Therefore what we are saying is there are people that get genuinely turned on by guns. Holding and firing a gun can make them so sexually aroused that they want to have sex or engage in masturbation.

Some adult toy lovers find sufficient arousal from watching a violent action film while others – both men and women- will go to a gun range where they can experience firing a gun. While experiences range from being intimidated and afraid to hold a gun, some people find it exhilarating.

It is argued that sex toy lovers may like holding a gun and firing it because it has become a symbol of power. At a base level you are holding a device which is capable of injuring or even ending the life of another animal or human being. For some people this is very stimulating, albeit disturbing to this writer.

So while in some countries where it is legal to own a gun, couples may fire them and then have sex. Indeed, there are many sex toys and adult toys on the market which resemble guns.

In addition we regularly see sex machines named after guns or adult toys like platinum silicone dongs which are designed to look like and resemble artillery.

If you are aroused sexually by guns we think it would be preferable if you stick to sex toys that look like them rather engage in indiscriminate firing which could cause injury or death and see you in prison!

Instead perhaps indulge your fantasy and watch a classic action film like Rambo and then set up your ‘machine gun’ sex machine and enjoy some safe penetration!

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