Human Furniture Fetish

We are continuing are never ending look at sexual fetishes which sex toy loving adults are (or so we believe!) interested in reading about. So whether you enjoy a huge silicone dong or large silicone dildo pay attention as you may learn something new!

In this article we are looking at the sexual fetish known as Forniphilia. Forniphilia is another obscure one, certainly one that this writer had no prior knowledge of!

So for those of you adult toy lovers who do not know, this fetish is all to do with human furniture. Yes, that’s right, human furniture!

In a nut shell Forniphilia is when your partner’s human body is used to create furniture around the home. From the very basic level, it may be that when you are sat down to have a cup of tea, your partner positions themselves in such a way that you can rest your feet on them. Indeed, they have in effect become a human footstool!

Alternative items of furniture that your partner could be used for include as a human chair that perhaps you could sit on while you watch the television. Some human furniture acts as a table where perhaps you could eat your meal from!

The limits of this seemingly off the wall fetish are boundless. We recently read about one adult toy loving couple whereby one person literally would lay down at their front door and allow their partner to use them as a door mat where they would be encouraged to wipe their dirty feet repeatedly.

Human furniture is not a new concept and the ideas have long since been expressed in traditional pornography and artwork.

Some practitioners may choose to be fully clothed when they adopt the role of a human piece of furniture. Alternatively for extra eroticism, some women for example may be naked above the waste or below the waste or both. In addition lingerie or other attire may be worn to further stimulate their sex toy loving partner.

Standing around or being bent over in a position to act as a piece of furniture is basically a very degrading and humiliating practice. Therefore it is the sort of expression which is liable to be found within a BDSM role playing relationship. The sex toy lover who wants their partner in this pose is probably expressing sadism and discipline and their partner who is likely to enjoy being humiliated and placed in an uncomfortable position, would be expressing their masochist tendencies.

Some adults who take part in the human furniture fetish may instruct their partners to remain bent over pretending to be a table or cabinet for example. However, in addition, it may be that their genitals are completely exposed and their positioning emphasizes their exposed orifices and makes it highly sexually suggestive and thus liable to make the other party very aroused.

In order to achieve and maintain certain human furniture poses, it may mean that the person needs to be bound as otherwise they could fall over or be able to straighten their posture following discomfort. Therefore it is important that if you practice this that you regularly ensure your partner is happy to proceed and be prepared to free them and relinquish them from their role if it becomes too much for them.

Using your partner as a piece of human furniture does have the potential to totally humiliate your partner and for you to exercise your authority. Therefore it may be a vehicle for helping the two of you perpetuate the desired hierarchy within your sexual relationship.

Some human furniture enthusiasts may wear outfits to make themselves look more realistic or they may wear lots of tight fitting materials such as leather, latex or PVC.

In some cases pretending your partner is a piece of furniture may simply be an expression of foreplay. In this example, a sex toy loving person may squat over their partner – in effect using them as a chair. What they are really suggesting perhaps is that they want oral sex from their partner by positioning their genitals at a level adjacent to their partners face.


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