Improvised sex aids Part 2

Continuing yesterdays article on improvised sex aids we continue today and the next item in question is the humble ice cube.

Ice cubes are an easily over-looked household item which can actually be used in the bedroom to great effect. As part of foreplay before you have penetration or indulge in the use of a quality sex toy like a large silicone dong, a strategically used ice cube can be really arousing.

If you are game then why not try an ice cube slowly moved round the nipples or lower abdomen. If you enjoy BDSM role play with your partner then you may wish to be a little braver and try it on your partner’s clitoris or your man’s penis.

Incidentally if you enjoy the feel of the cold ice cube it sure is handy to know that John Thomas platinum silicone adult toys can be placed safely in the fridge or freezer (briefly) to make them nice and cold prior to use. Perhaps best to warn your partner first though before you slip it inside as that could get you into trouble. That is of course unless you have pre-agreed that you may use cold large silicone dildos at will!

Our large silicone dongs may also be safely warmed-up up prior to insertion because they are medical grade. We recommend placing in warm water (not boiling) and checking the temperature before insertion. Do not warm your adult toy in the microwave.

Another use of the ice cube could be if you are engaging in oral sex with your partner. Depending on how brave the two of you are it can make a great erotic experience whereby your partner experiences the heat of your mouth followed by the cold of the ice. Perhaps you could suck on some ice cubes and then resume your duties…

Onto the next improvised sex aid in this series of articles. The next item used as an adult toy is a little predictable and that is the electric toothbrush. I am unsure if the inventors realised at the time how this gadget was going to be abused. Indeed I am sure they were trying to prevent cavities rather than induce orgasms!

The simplest way an electric toothbrush can be used as a sex toy is by holding the handle of it against a sensitive spot e.g. the clitoris, nipples of tip of the penis. It is always advisable to wash the toothbrush first before it comes into contact with a delicate area. Best advice is to not over use it, it may be a little embarrassing to explain to your partner why it is always on charge! If in doubt purchase a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo from the adult toy connoisseurs John Thomas Toys.

All John Thomas Toys come with a special vacuum hole. While this is not a vac-u-lock hole which is trademarked by Doc Johnson, it is a hole within the large silicone dildo which can accommodate and be compatible with Vac-U-Lock products such as Doc Johnson harnesses. Furthermore, the vacuum hole is potentially compatible with many sex machines and fucking machines on the market.

John Thomas Toys only ever use medical grade platinum silicone. This material can be quite heavy and some of our adult toys are jumbo silicone dongs. For this reason they may not be suitable for use with the harness of sex machine you would like to use them with.

To avoid disappointment, always read the full specifications of the sex toy before you purchase. In the event that you purchased and it was too big and too heavy then please do not open the shrink wrap and provided it is returned (contact us first) in the same condition then in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 we will offer you a refund or replacement item.

With an appropriate sex machine and a sex toy such as a medium silicone dong then you can engage in some hands free orgasmic pleasure which will mean you will never want to pick up that toothbrush for anything other than it’s intended purpose ever again!

NB After you have used your electric toothbrush (presumably while you are waiting for your large silicone dong to arrive with our free next working day delivery service) remember to give it a clean.

If you are particularly drawn to sex toys which vibrate then there are also many powerful body massagers available which will blow your mind although sadly at this time we do not stock them but can recommend some if you are interested as we have been selling adult toys for over 15 years.

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