John Thomas Toys produce high quality, durable platinum silicone dildos such as jumbo silicone dongs and huge silicone anal stretchers.

Within the range of John Thomas Toys which has over 50 different designs (all available in 4 different sizes and 2 levels types of firmness) the one constant is the presence of a vacuum hole.

With a vacuum hole the platinum silicone adult toy now has a lot of versatility to its uses.

One way within which our sex toys could now be used is with a sex harness which men or women can wear for anal or vaginal penetration.

In addition, the vacuum hole in our adult toys facilitates the use of them with a compatible sex machine or fucking machine. The only requirement of the machine is that it comes with a vac-u-lock adaptor. A large proportion of such adult toy machines do in fact have that option.

How the vac-u-lock adaptor works is what we will have a brief look at in this article.

N.B The platinum silicone dildos and dongs which John Thomas Toys manufacture are NOT vac-u-lock products which are made by an American company called Doc Johnson. Our products are merely vac-u-lock compatible.

The vac-u-lock system was designed by Doc Johnson also, and is made up of an adaptor which is pushed inside the cavity within the sex toy. Vac-U-Lock adaptors can be plastic or metal although metal ones are recommended as they are less likely to break.

A vac-u-lock adaptor features a short shaft with two ridges on it. As the adaptor is slid inside the large silicone dong cavity air is displaced. Once the adaptor has been inserted fully there has been a vacuum created which holds the dildo very securely.

The platinum silicone dildo is then unlikely to wobble or twist and is far superior in comparison to other methods traditionally used to secure a sex toy prior to insertion, such as the O-Ring attachment.

John Thomas Toys may be attached with the O-Ring if you prefer, as they are also compatible that way but the most advised is the vac-u-lock method.

Once the vac-u-lock adaptor is inserted it is firmly in, yet by inserting a finger along side the adaptor you can release and remove it. To facilitate application and removal of the adaptor please apply vac-u-powder or an equivalent high quality corn starch produce into the cavity.

One of the best things about using vac-u-lock adaptors with your sex toys, is the speed whereby you can interchange sex toys. Therefore they are highly convenient, plus as mentioned they are far superior to the alternatives.

Vac-U-Lock adaptors are as previously stated, commonly found on machines and harnesses. Indeed, John Thomas Toys stock a range of harnesses which will compliment your platinum silicone dong purchase.

Furthermore, for those of you that are particularly daring, there are now vac-u-lock adaptors which will fit to reciprocating saws and electric power drills.

While sex toys from John Thomas Toys are compatible with vac-u-lock adaptors on harnesses and machines because of the size and weight of them it is feasible that they are going to be unsuitable for your intended purpose.

Pleases therefore always check the specifications before you place your order to avoid disappointment. In the event that the sex toy you receive is not suitable please do not break the shrink wrap and contact us immediately.

We will then issue you a RMA number and arrange a return for refund or exchange. This process is in accordance with the 2015 Consumer Rights Act.

For full terms and conditions please refer here:

Please enjoy your John Thomas Toys platinum silicone toy responsibly as they are liable to cause injury if misused.

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